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Food, Glorious Food, and the Top Apps in Taiwan

There are more than 1.43 million apps offered in Google Play (app store for Android phones), and I will share the top 3 types that are the most popular among the Taiwanese today.

1. Chat Apps – Featured: LINE

LINE has an overwhelming popularity in Taiwan
LINE has an overwhelming popularity in Taiwan. With an unlimited internet access, users can send messages to their heart’s content with the least expenditure. Taiwanese can also make free phone calls, have an access to a plethora of stickers, and chat groups involving any number of people. This makes LINE highly convenient to use. On top of that, LINE is not only used for personal means. Businesses conferences, customer services etc are also using LINE as a medium.

2. Recipe Apps

Recipe apps are popular among Taiwanese students and OLs
Not just among the housewives, recipe apps have also gained popularity among the students and female white-collar workers. The reason behind its popularity is partly because of the expensive eat-out alternatives, and also because of a health-conscious lifestyle. In fact, there had been problems with food ingredients safety this year, with many cases of problems with eating out. This has raised concerns about food safety, and the economical cooking culture has begun to take root in Taiwan.

3. Restaurant Review Apps

Eating Out is a big thing in Taiwan
Yet, while eating-in is gaining popularity, Taiwan has not broken away from its eating-out culture. Thus eatery applications retain their own popularity, apps that show restaurant menus, reviews, offer booking services, and show vicinity searches for nearby restaurants. It has becomed the norm for anyone with internet access to check the reviews of a prospective restaurant.

These are the top apps that will prove to be most convenient for visitors to Taiwan, be sure to give them a try when you are here!

Taiwan Correspondent


Top Three Keyword Searches for Singapore August 2015

August is a big month for Singaporeans, as it is Singapore’s National Day, celebrating its 50 years of independence, which is lovingly named SG50. Singapore has gathered worldwide interest in the the most competitive country in Asia, which includes receiving a birthday song from the soccer legend Pele! But what if “SG50” is not one of the top three searches for Singapore?

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