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Popular Smartphones in Philippines

In the Philippines, Apple and Samsung are big competitors when it comes to mobile devices. They have a rather big market share. However, when you look at the competition closely, it’s not just these two big brands vying for market share. There are small brands that collectively sum up as a big competitor in the mobile phone industry. These brands include Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Torque and Starmobile. Their entry to the market is convenient. This is because they made smartphones at the time when everyone was shifting to using smartphones. However, not everyone can afford an Apple or a Samsung. These local brands then introduced their very own smartphones, which also run using the Android system, at very affordable prices. They also made sure that their phones are up to par with the big brands’ phones by using touch-screen features with big screens. Everyone on a tight budget who wanted to switch to a smartphone became part of their market. And since the switch to smartphones is caused by modern day citizens’ need to always be on-line, Facebook Lite has been a hit as well, especially in the Philippines where not all locations are supported by 3G or LTE. Facebook Lite is for 2G networks and areas that have slow or unstable connections. In times like this where everyone just wants to be updated on almost anything and everything, it would be great if there are businesses like these who can also cater to tho

Top Apps in Hong Kong, for Connection with Others

Smartphones has becomed one of the most important belongings of almost everyone. The only reason smartphones has becomed so popular is because the mobile applications are really convenient. So this time, let me talk about which applications are more used by the Hong Kong people.

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The Most Popular Apps in Indonesia


Hello! I am Ronald, who works in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and is a father!

Today I will introduce the essential apps here to you.

Indonesia whose in Southeast Asia are considered one of the rapidly internet growing country that also become increasing in technology. Since internet and technology are synchronized.

Many people now are more and more use smartphones, and most of them are Android. The Android penetration is huge since most of people from socio economic status D to C, considered as low to mid people class, also could buy it. And they are the biggest number in population in Indonesia.


It is shown that the usage of mobile application is also huge.

What is the top apps used in Indonesia?

Of course the apps in category social media since Indonesia is one of the biggest social media users in the world. And this is also related that the culture itself are very sociable. Indonesian like to be close with each other and keen to show their expression, moments, and everything through social media or forum so others could response to it.

The apps brand are Facebook, Twitter, and Path

The other category is chatting apps. Since this app feature are used daily for personal and even work or business.


Now Indonesian are likely to text people using chat app rather than sms and most-likely do phone calls via VoIP from the chat apps. That’s becoming a booming of chatting apps in here.

They do business and work also with apps.

Thousands of chat app groups were built daily starting from co-workers groups, neighborhood group, hobbyists, etc.

The apps brand are Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

The trend now are become more unique since the new culture of tech start-up establishment here making Indonesian create so many unique and new apps with social feature.

A real portrait of Indonesian culture that translated into technology which will be there until the future ends.



Let’s make a difference from Indonesia!



Top 3 most popular apps in Thailand (2015)


Hello! I am a Thai 20s lady, and you can call me Mint.

Today I can introduce the hottest three apps in Thailand.

When you install any applications on your smartphones, it will influence your daily life. And now I am going to overview how Thais impact our lives by applications. I undoubtedly skip the applications which are so-called the first-one-picked such as all family of Line apps, Facebook, Messenger and so on. I, however, have found the most-downloaded applications in Thai which certainly appear on each and every smartphones or tablets.

Let’s get start at Wongnai app! Wongnai is Thai language and means ‘insider’. Wongnai is an application which users can pile recommended restaurants up from all over Thailand and talk all about food. This app is attractive itself because users likely share detailed information and real reviews. So when you need to find a place to eat, you just navigate and pinpoint which area you want to go eat by GPS. Then, you easily dine at. Afterwards, you can quickly point out your reviews and how to get the restaurants so that restaurant ‘insider’ will be wildly extensive. Also, you can follow your friends’ movement too!


GrabTaxi app is second to none. GrabTaxi literally means ‘grab a taxi’. The application is fully developed since people had found flagging down a passing taxi difficult. It is a vastly used app in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. It is sleek and easy to hail a cab by momentarily tapping on the app. We do not have to go out and hail a cab but merely request a taxi by specifying where you are going to take a ride and get off. Then, app subsequently takes your request. Later on, you can find the taxi driver detailed history before you hop on the taxi.


Let’s move to Pantip Me app! Pantip is a popular Thai web board with discussion forums. Pantip is being split into 1000(pan) and tip (literally). The web board is normally popular so when it is transformed into app, it has totally taken more hits and even very simple to use, read, tag, post, upload, search, give gifts and everything comparing to having it on website. Recommended features are that you can save topics you want to read later as an offline mode or being customizable. Plus, it will pop up the most popular talk of the town and you will not miss out!


See you in Thailand!


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