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【Vietnam】Why do Vietnamese homemakers change shopping place?

Xin chao! I’m Sakurai, a Vietnamese marketer of ASIA CLICK.

I introduced the popular store ‘L’ANG FARM’ from Da Lat and explained that Vietnamese people think a lot about health trends. ▶︎Reference:https://asiaclickglobe.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/market-of-vietnam-is-changing-now-what-are-2-points-about-demand-which-one-famous-shop-shows/

In fact, “Health Trends” affect places where Vietnamese homemakers go shopping. This time I’m going to introduce changes in Vietnamese life style and differences between local markets and ‘Co.opmart’ which most of homemakers go to!

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Use Photos to Reach Out to Hong Kong Instragrammers

Along with growing mobile phone penetration, social networking services are beginning to rise in importance too. This article will look at the Instagram, a popular app among Hong Kongers.

Instagram started to gain popularity a few years ago. Most users of Facebook are likely to be found on Instagram too, as posting on Instagram would reflect on the users’ Facebook wall.


Hashtag reading #HongKongCulinary

What kind of posts are Hong Kongers posting on Instagram? One kind would be pictures of food.
Before digging into their meals, it is now part of popular culture for Hong Kongers to take photos of their food first.

I use Instagram too. As a user, to post on Instagram is similar to the idea of living a fulfiling life. When I eat out with my friends, everyone will be sure to take photos of all the dishes. Beyond food, we also post photos of friends, family, travel experiences etc.

Hashtag reading #HongKongPurchase

On the other hand, it is popular for Hong Kongers to shop on Instagram. Cosmetics from Japan and Korea, Western branded clothing, and snacks are just some examples that are available for purchase on Instagram.

Hong Kong celebrities and artistes also use Instagram. Not only does it allow them to be closer with their fans, they are able to release new infomation about their own works to their fans directly.

How do we let others find our own posts? That is through Instagram’s hashtags. Whatever posts you upload, be sure to use hashtags to allow others to discovery your post. Using hashtags well will become promotion for your shop or yourself.

For all the reasons above, why not give Instagram a try? It is easy to upload your photo posts, and allows you to connect with your friends and other users around the world.

Hong Kong Correspondent