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Digital Business in Indonesia with Social Media (part.2/2)

Chapter: Instagram

Hello! I am Ronald from Indonesia. Last article we talked about what is the condition of online in Indonesia and how to penetrate the business using Facebook. Within this part we are going to focus on Instagram.Since Facebook have multi-segment users here in Indonesia, therefore the targeting for business could be broad, focusing on funnel and conversion, also wide-range of actions. But move to Instagram it will be different story.

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【Indonesia】The Feasible Market to visit Japan

Travel interests are tremendously huge now in Indonesia, as well as the profitable capital from travel companies are increasing rapidly. This is due to the increased economy in Indonesia several years ago that impacted on people’s remuneration that makes them able to have more money to spend in which one of them are travelling. Also this is due to increasing of stress level in Indonesia toward work load that makes people wants to relieve their min by travelling. And last is the help of increasing number of travel bloggers and tv shows that triggers people’s interest to do travelling.

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【Indonesia】Mobile gaming, the second chance in Indonesia

During the economy growth past 5 years were impacted also in digital penetration. Indonesian people are more invested in higher tech gadget these past years which impacted in the usage of internet and mobile apps while the growth significantly increase year-by-year.

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Mobile Games in Indonesia

One phrase “Mobile is huge in Indonesia”. These statement already been told by either giants Google and Facebook for Indonesia. The internet population achieve 30% from total population this year with growth of average 15% each year. And mobile is 80% from the internet population. Could you imagine that!

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