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Tips for Starting a Food Business in Malaysia

Regardless of economic conditions, food business in Malaysia is a blooming business sector. Why is that so? Because many Malaysians, especially those staying in urban and city areas, eat out most of the time! The huge population of young and middle aged people in Malaysia has resulted foreign restaurants and cafés becoming a big hit in the recent years. Foreign restaurants that has comed out on top include Korean and Japanese restaurants due to the local J-pop and K-pop popular trends.

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3 Reasons Why Malaysians Like to Travel to Japan

Why do Malaysians like to travel to Japan? I personally went to Japan once and didn’t want to come back. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my country; but I really love Japan too! Let’s see how Japan stole our hearts. Firstly, the 4 seasons in Japan attracts us a lot; since Malaysia is hot and humid all year long (just imagine summer for 365 days)! Every year, many Malaysians fly to Japan to witness the fascinating cherry blossom blooms or experience winter. And the breath-taking sceneries in Japan are big attraction to us as we do not have similar sceneries here in Malaysia.


Secondly, we love the unique Japanese culture and traditions. The kimono, yukata, tea ceremony, Japanese greetings, sumo, onsens (hot springs), festivals and food; we love them all! Certain Japanese dishes like the fugu fish (pufferfish) can only be experienced in real Japan! Not to mention Japan is heaven to diehard fans of cartoons, anime, manga and cosplay.


Finally, there are many unique and interesting things in Japan that attracts us; such as the vending machines and washrooms! Yes, you hear me correctly. The washrooms! We are amused by the automatic toilets with many functions and vending machines that dispense other items than the regular drinks that we have in our country. All in all, I would say that everything in Japan are either beautiful or if not beautiful; they have got to be kawaii! There are many more reasons why we love to travel to Japan but I am not telling you everything. You’ve got to visit Japan to find out and experience it yourself! I promise it will be a great visit!

Wouldn’t you Travel to Japan if there were such PR efforts?

Japan! One of the countries which always appears in the travel log checklist of the Traveler magazine. However, the reasons leading to this is not due to the promotion made on the web or publicity efforts, but due to the country’s reputation itself. Japan is a country that holds the record of the safest country, with rarely any crimes. so any traveller would think about going to Japan before going to the other Asia countries. However, perhaps many more people would go to Japan if there are these kinds of PR (Public Relations) efforts:

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3 most popular mobile apps in Malaysia


Looking at your phone screen, there’s no shortage of great mobile applications, either free or paid waiting at your fingertips to be installed. Technology has evolved our lives together with the impact of the internet, and is definitely not the same as 50 years ago. Mobile devices can be considered as the pen and paper of our time. Even 2 years old kids can now play mobile games before learning their ABCs! Forgetting your phone might as well be forgetting your wallet. Certain apps have becomed essential, and you use them every day, and everyone knows their names. Here are 3 of Malaysian favourite apps, although all of it fall under Social Networking Sites.

  • Whatsapp 

Sending pictures, free calls and instant messages all of this can be done without charges through Whatsapp. The only requirement for it is connectivity. Using a phone number as its unique user identifier, people of all ages have been using Whatsapp as their choice communication medium. “Free and Fast” is the key factor that make it most popular.

  • Facebook 

If you didn’t know what is Facebook, gosh! You might be classified as an ancient fossil! The applications for Facebook is almost infinite. Acting as a medium of communication, publicity, business, media, and many more ranging from important to mundane can be done using Facebook! However, many Malaysians felt that the standalone Facebook Messenger app was unnecessary. That doesn’t make it a bad app, or not useful in its own way. Facebook is very good for family photos and videos, personal updates, chronicling life changes, and sharing interesting links.

  • Twitter 

Who says only birds can tweet, nowadays even human do tweeting! Yes! Twitter is a powerful social media. Instant news, site updates, breaking news, and quick links are just some of the many of the wonders of Twitter. Working late at night and not able to watch your favourite football team? Open your Twitter, get real time updates, and you’ll be able to get the results of the match in the blink of an eye. As one Community writer puts it, “Twitter does its best work five minutes after a disaster, and its worst in the twelve hours after that.” Some even said that your Twitter is your personal reflections. You need to be careful with that!

Technology is changing every second. Today’s most popular might become obsolete tomorrow, or worst, like it never existed before. Still, despite of the apps’ advantages and weaknesses, to be able to communicate with our loved one is definitely something that we cherished.

Malaysia correspondent

3 Japanese product and services most wanted in Malaysia



Hello! I am Nurul from Malaysia.

From a convenience store elaborate welcoming ritual to the hotel’s nearly uncanny sense of meeting guest needs, Japan could be said has perfected the culture of hospitality. The land of the rising sun’s impressive service culture is acknowledged by the world.

Thanks to Malaysian Fourth Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir vision which is “Look East Policy”, Malaysian people has long before admires Japan work ethic and culture. Japanese product and services are also well accepted and are even listed in the wish list! So what are the 3 most wanted Japanese products and services in Malaysia. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1.Retail Service

Aeon is not only famous in Japan, but also in Malaysia. Previously, goes by the name Jaya Jusco, Aeon is well known among Malaysian residents. Anything you want from A to Z is available at Aeon Shopping Centre. Jusco is one of the government efforts in “Look East Policy” which results in joint corporations between Aeon Company Japan to further enhance and modernize the retail service in Malaysia. Aeon is the best leading retailer in Malaysia. Their recent accomplishment is Carefour take over which are now called Aeon Big. “Daiso”, “the 100 yen shop” or were called the “RM5 shop” in Malaysia are also most wanted. The competitor, Hinode is beginning to lose their popularity to Daiso. Due to the abundance of creative and fun product sold, Daiso has gain place in the heart of Malaysian.





2.Automotive Service

Among male driver in Malaysia, nearly all of them are a fan of Japanese Built Car. Named it, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda and others, all of it are the favorite among guys and Mazda are exceptionally famous among women! Even though Japanese vehicles are very expensive in Malaysia, due to the tax applied, “Initial D” is not a factor that can make the car “otaku” ignore the huge price they need to pay and worship the car to the point of calling them “Wifey”. The factors that matter here are definitely because of the high quality and the car awesome technical performance. To nominate just one brand as the most wanted is definitely a crime!


3. Beauty Product

Deem as an exclusive beauty product and maintain on top of the wish list of almost every women. SKII is a dream beauty product to behold!! This product are also somehow magically managed to attract metrosexual male consumer. The secret key, “pitera” is founded in the “sake” brewing factory. Act as anti-aging and can make the skin become smooth, fairer and younger looking, which are scientifically proven effectives are probably the factor that gains it trust from consumer. However, due to the expensive price, some can only admire from far and keep putting an effort to put a hand on these exclusive items. Perhaps, that is also one of the factors for why it is called a miracle, as miracle is not easy to obtain and is a rare occurrence.

To be able to experience Japanese services culture somehow can be considered as paradise on earth. The feeling that we get from the working staff which is full with courtesy, respect and honesty are priceless and heart-warming. Hopefully, Japan Service Culture will continue to survive in this modernization and westernization era and remain sacred and full of arts.




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3 things make Malaysian Muslim concerned when they travel to Japan③


  • Prayer

Islam is a religion of ease. The 5 times a day prayer rule can be change slightly during travel. Islam provides ease and flexibility for muslim to travel in comfort. The Zuhur and Asar prayer can be combined and shorten during the stipulated time, same with Maghrib and Isha. You can even perform prayer in the bus while sitting. Remaining pure is one of the standards that Muslim need to adhere to perform prayer. The problem will arise if the dogs and alcohol are present. Dog’s saliva is considered extremely unclean. If touched, we are required to wash it thoroughly and there is a specific method to do it. Simply wash it with water wouldn’t do, which is the troublesome things here. So having a dog at a venue could be problematic but not a major problem. Don’t worry if you are hosting a Muslim guest. There are a thousand of ways to perform prayer and in Islam, not to trouble the host are one of the important manner.

Almost all of the places in Japan are totally clean. During my visits to Japan before, I have never seen a glimpse of stray dogs but instead a very cute dog on a lovely evening walk  together with the owner. We have no problem to perform prayer. Some buildings and hotels even have a special place to pray, Qibla direction and many more Muslim convenient facilities. To enter the prayer room, we need to ask the key from the authorities. That just prove on how the room is well guarded. The picture below is a prayer room in Kanda University.


Nonetheless, important things to highlight here is that Muslim are not a homogenous entity, it is difficult to create a one-size that fits all of need and wants and it is almost towards inconsistent degree. Things mention here are as guide and from my personal experience as a Malaysian Muslimah. I really recommend for Islam follower to go on travel. Last but not least, buck up your seatbelt and send my regards to Japan!!



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3 things make Malaysian Muslim concerned when they travel to Japan②



Hello, Nurul from Malaysia again.

2. Environment

They should be no physical contact between a Muslim and the opposite sex. So how about handshakes? Though handshakes is a friendly gesture, unfortunately the rules above state it all. This matter could be a dilemma. They doesn’t want things to appear awkward and doesn’t want to be rude.  When we learn about the bowing etiquette (お辞儀) which doesn’t involve skin contact, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Basic bows are performed with the back straight and the hands at the sides (boys and men) or clasped in the lap (girls and women), and with the eyes down. Bows originate at the waist. This culture is very interesting. The feeling of respect is well felt for both parties. If you think that Islam is all about Haram and no fun. Clearly! It is not! The example above just prove on how we can do stuff without stepping on the boundaries.