“Click” = To understand, to connect with, to proceed smoothly.

Asia Click Globe aims to help you understand and connect with the consumers in ASEAN, providing you with research and marketing to help you achieve your business goals in the ASEAN countries.


There is no better time to develop your business in ASEAN. There is a multitude of digital opportunities for any business. Singapore and Malaysia have over 80% penetration in mobile,  with Myanmar showing the most growth in mobile connections in 2014, and Cambodia seeing the greatest growth in the number of internet users. Investor interests have also been rising in these countries.

The excitement is here. The opportunity is now.


We want to help you succeed. It is difficult to navigate the ASEAN markets if you not have local sources, not to mention overcoming the language barriers. That is where we come in. With our 20 correspondents located in each of the ASEAN countries, you can be sure you have the latest information from the individual markets. We help you answer questions like:
  • Is Facebook the best platform to promote my services in Thailand?
  • What are the deciding factors that will determine my business’ success in Singapore?
  • Will the new features in Instagram offer new opportunities in Hong Kong’s market?
  • Why is the Japanese culture so popular in Indonesia?
  • How are the popularity of similar mobile apps such as Whatsapp and Line decided in Taiwan?
The information will give you an insight into the various market, allowing you to understand each unique cultural and business landscapes, make the best decisions for your business, and improve sales of your products and services.
Asiaclick offers customised marketing solutions for your unique needs. Contact us today for a discussion.

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