【Indonesia】How to maximize the benefit of promotion using ‘INFLUENCER’??

Selamat Sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

In a article about the Philippines we posted, our correspondent introduced ‘INFLUENCE ASIA 2017’ held in Malaysia. It’s the largest social medias awards in ASIA. It included the Top 300+ nominees each from 7 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.



This time I‘m going to introduce “Elle Yamada” who won in lifestyle category! In fact,  one new products of Japanese company became famous because she promoted it in Indonesia.

Who is ”Elle Yamada”?



“Elle Yamada” is an Indonesian influencer and famous with her sister, Jess. She introduces methods of skin care and meals, movies and movies via Blog and Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. In addition, she manages Online Store (http://gowigasa.com/) which sells clothes and accessory. Her Instagram is the most popular, and its followers are 2.35 million people.

She promoted a new product Indonesia NISSIN, ‘Mikuya Ramen’, in Indonesia. As a result, it attracted many people. Them, let’s check how she promoted it!


Key word is “Friend”!



The upper picture is quoted from official website of Indonesia NISSIN. The catch phrase of ‘Mikuya Ramen’ is ‘Pretty girls deserve good food.’ How did she promote it via SNS.


Please look at the bottom right of the upper picture. As you can see, her fan asks her where they can buy a new product. Then, Elle replies ’Foodhall.’ She promoted Mikuya Ramen with replying each comment, so fans could think Ella is like a friend.

It’s very effective for Indonesian who love to chat to ‘reply comments’. That’s why Mikuya Ramen has been attracting many people since it started to be sold.

When you promote your products via SNS, there are many ways. The effective method of promotion is using influencers and replying comments like this case for your target country. On the other hand, there is also a country which has people are apt to like videos introducing various methods of cooking and so on. It’s important for expanding overseas to understand national character and localize not only your products also methods of sales and promotion!

ASIACLICK has correspondents in Southeast Asia and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and they support your expanding overseas and localizing. In addition, we can hold events inviting influencer and promote your company through their articles. Our clients are both companies and local governments. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp) !


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian Correspondent/Luki)


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