【Indonesia】What Is Attractive for Indonesian Muslim??

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Do you know how many Muslim are there all over the world? The answer is about 1.6 billion!! The population of Muslim accounts for 23.2 % of the world’s one. In addition, Indonesia has the largest one of Muslim. Thus, it’s necessary to promote your country to Muslims if you want to get more Indonesian visitors.

This time. I’m going to explain 2points for get visitors who are Muslim with some important photos.

■The purpose of  groups we can see at the airport


As you can see, people in this photo are wearing same clothes. However, they are not participants in the company trip. This group is going to ‘make a pilgrimage to Mecca’. There are many Muslim at Mecca, so people who belong to same group need to wear same clothes in order to find their member easily. Each group has a color and design of cloths.

■Traveling expenses for visiting Mecca

A 10-day program costs around USD 1,400. Then, I’d like to focus on “Choosing programs,” and this is one of points. Actually, around USD 1,400 is just average of traveling expenses. There are many  programs which are different prices. Because there are income disparities in Indonesia, it’s very important to have many tours differed in prices.

The report of JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) says that ‘Indonesian purposes of their visit change depending on traveling expenses’. This point is important to get repeaters, too.




The upper photo shows the state of the arrival lobby of Soekarno–Hatta International Airport which is the largest one in Indonesia. Many people are waiting for arriving of their family. When one of their family go on a trip overseas, more than 5 of their family send him/ her off at the airport in case of Indonesian. In addition, people who don’t have air tickets can’t go in the airport because it will be crowed and cause confusion.

What I want to tell you here is that “to understand other cultures” is important. Some countries don’t increase visitors of Indonesian Muslim. The cause is that people don’t try to understand Islam positively. As the scene of airport in Indonesia is different from your countries, what Indonesian who visit your countries for traveling, hunting jobs and studying is different form what you expect. It is not until you can provide services meeting customer needs that you know other countries’ way of thinking and understand their cultures!


ASIACLICK help you with thinking of new service, localization and so on. We have correspondents in Southeast Asia and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, so you can research markets, promote your company into target countries and so on through ASIACLICK. Please contact us(info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian Correspondent/Luki)





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