【Indonesia】”Washoku SATO” Changed Indonesian Custom?!

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Do you know “Washoku SATO” is popular as lunch in Indonesia? When they entered into Indonesia, they were not popular. Why did they become popular? How did they change Indonesian custom?

This time, I’d like to introduce 3 points of their strategy with Indonesian opinions!

■What’s “Washoku SATO”?

“Washoku SATO” is one of the largest chains of family restaurants, serving Japanese traditional meals, such as nabe (hot pot), sushi, tempura at reasonable price, for over 50 years. There are 199 restaurants in Japan. They entered into Jakarta in 2013 and have 2 restaurants. They have about 260 dishes including desserts.

Their prices are more reasonable than other Japanese restaurants and set to ones which middle-income group can buy. However, they couldn’t be popular because there were many Japanese restaurants like “Washoku SATO.”


■3 points to become popular

As I mentioned at the beginning, “Washoku SATO” became popular after changing their strategy. Its points are ①Partner, ②consumer’s opinion and ③Trust! Let’s check their details.



“Washoku Sato” established a joint venture together with ‘Indomaret’ having 7242 convenience stores in Indonesia. Local ones are many more than foreign ones in Indonesia, and products of local ones are reasonable.

After box lunches of “Washoku SATO” were sold at ‘Indomaret’, they became famous. Until then, Indonesians thought foods at convenience stores are not delicious. In addition, there isn’t custom of ‘buying lunch at convenience stores’ because Indonesians can find street stalls in the central part of Jakarta. However, Indonesian people gradually started to buy lunch there since “Washoku SATO” sells box lunches at ‘Indomaret’!


②View Lines of Consumer

When “ Washoku SATO” sold box lunches 2 years ago, I saw them at ‘Indomaret’ and didn’t want to buy them. As a reason for this, their prices were more than 30,000 IDR (USD 2.25). We can buy lunches (some kinds of side dishes and rice) for 20,000 IDR (USD 1.5) at street stalls and company cafeterias. That’s why I didn’t want to buy a box lunch at a convenience store.

This is not my personal opinion. Jakarta News Paper (http://www.jakartashimbun.com/free/detail/34489.html) said that more than box lunches for 25,000 IDR didn’t sell well, so most of Indonesians think so.

Then, how much are box lunches of “Washoku SATO” now?



As you can see at 2 upper pictures, prices of all box lunches with drinks are less than 25,000 IDR. Taste changed into Indonesian kind of one. It’s very important to focus on not only other company but also opinions of people living in your target country.



We can’t know whether Japanese chef made the dish or not by just looking. So, “Washoku SATO” attaches photos of Japanese chiefs to packages. As a result, many Indonesians are surprised at that they can eat dishes made by Japanese chiefs for less than 25,000 IDR and want to try it.

Moreover, “Washoku SATO” sells box lunches and rolled Sushi for Muslims. All of consumers can eat them without worrying.


The similarity among 3 points is ‘Localization.’ You should understand life styles and culture of each country. Also, you need to hear opinions people living in your target country to become famous and popular. ASIACLICK has correspondents in South East Asia and China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they help you with localization. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian Correspondent/Luki)







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