【Vietnam】Why do Vietnamese homemakers change shopping place?

Xin chao! I’m Sakurai, a Vietnamese marketer of ASIA CLICK.

I introduced the popular store ‘L’ANG FARM’ from Da Lat and explained that Vietnamese people think a lot about health trends. ▶︎Reference:https://asiaclickglobe.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/market-of-vietnam-is-changing-now-what-are-2-points-about-demand-which-one-famous-shop-shows/

In fact, “Health Trends” affect places where Vietnamese homemakers go shopping. This time I’m going to introduce changes in Vietnamese life style and differences between local markets and ‘Co.opmart’ which most of homemakers go to!

⬛︎Information about Vietnamese homemakers’ shopping

As I mentioned at the beginning, most of Vietnamese homemakers go shopping at local market or supermarkets. 41% of them go to local markets everyday and 33% go to super markets twice or 3 times in a week. People want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables go to the former. In the case of buying other things, people go to the later.


※Picture: Data of Q&Me(https://qandme.net/vietnam-report/how-does-the-modern-trade-change-purchase-behaviors-of-housewives-jp.html

Average spending at super markets is higher than at local markets. Average total payment of super market is 545,000VND (about 24 USD) and local market is 180,000VND (about 8 USD). Of course, the later is lower than the former as people can negotiate prices. But people buy lots products at the later because there are many attractive products!


⬛︎3 attractive points of ‘Co.opmart’


※Picture:Co.opmart Official Website(http://www.co-opmart.com.vn/

Vietnamese super market ‘Co.opmart’ opened the first store in 1996, and now it has 58 ones in Vietnam. In addition, it also focuses on imports and exports. It exports agricultural products and seafood, processing food, clothes and so on to Europe, America and Asia. Thus, there are personal care, household products and something like that at ‘Co.opmart’, and homemakers go there to buy them. This ‘abundant line-up of products’ is one of the attractive points. Other 2 points are ‘good quality’ and ‘good promotions.’



As you can see, it has a discount campaign. Pan and snack, under wear, tabletop stove, hair dryer and so on are more than 40% off! This campaign attracts many homemakers. As a result, 69% who were used to go to local markets often go to super markets.


⬛︎New products for health

Nowadays, 78% of homemakers cook dinner everyday. I think this result shows health trends are increasing as we can eat food at good price in Vietnam. Then, ‘ Co.opmart’ started to sell organic foods meeting the specific criteria which USDA and EU fixed from May in 2017. We can buy them at 6 stores located at Ho Chi Minh city.

Local super markets which are always crowded except morning understand national trends and attractive promotion and increasing customers. ASIACLICK can hold events for promotion at local super markets like ‘Co.opmart.’ If your client ask you to hold event in Southeast Asia and China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan in spite of having no connection, please contact us(info@asiaclick.jp)!

(ASIACLICK・Vietnamese Marketer/Sakurai)









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