【Indonesia】What’s Special Cards for Foreign Tourists??

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Nowadays, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia is trying to increase the number of foreign tourists to Indonesia. In 2016, the number of them was about 12.023 million, and this is up about 15.54 % from the previous year.  The target is for 20 million foreign visitors to visit Indonesia every year by 2019.



Thus, shopping malls located at Jakarta city start a new service for them!

This time, I’m going to introduce policies of Indonesian government to increase foreign visitors and one of their new services.

■Policies of Indonesian government

According to ‘lifenesia (https://lifenesia.com/),’ distributes news on the Internet, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia announced that they focuses on developing 10 tourist spots and promotions.

In addition, they allocate 4080 billion IDR (USD 306 million) as a budget and 275 billion IDR (about USD 206 million) to promotions of sightseeing for foreigners. They make steady progress, so a new terminal was built in Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. Moreover, a new railway will start to run between this airport and Jakarta city from July in 2017.



Not only Indonesian government, but also ‘World Bank’ finances USD 6 million for researching and USD 200 billion for development.


■What’s a new activity?

Shopping malls start to offer services for foreign tourists. ‘Grand Indonesia mall’ which is introduced in most of guidebooks does so, too.


The upper photo shows ‘Tourist Privilege Card (TPC).’ If foreign tourists show their non-Indonesian passports at concierge counters, they will get this card with the brochure. Tourists can enjoy discounts at 57 stores or restaurants for 1 week.




In fact, Singapore, Malaysia and so on in South East Asia has services like TPC. That’s why visitors from there know this service well.

It’s important to be able to use in only mall which issued cards. This service attracts more visitors whose opportunities are shopping. Shopping malls also will not lose visitors as they can’t use other malls.


ASIACLICK has local correspondents in South East Asia and China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. So, we can know current market information, and we support your entering into foreign countries and give you advices about strategy. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp) !


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian Correspondent/Luki)






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