【Indonesia】The Most Effective Way of PR and Strategy in 2017

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

‘WE ARE SOCIAL (https://wearesocial.com/uk/)’ published ‘Digital in 2017: Southeast Asia (https://www.slideshare.net/wearesocialsg/digital-in-2017-southeast-asia?qid=64220d85-7c2e-4003-bc64-b986b7b55ff5&v=&b=&from_search=1) ‘ on January in 2017. This shows market of Internet research results.

This time, I’d like to tell you the most effective way of PR and strategy according to this report!

Top 3 of popular “Internet Media”

Do you know which Internet Media is the most popular in Indonesia? In Thailand, Vietnam and Philippine, Facebook has attracted many people for a long time. However, one medium is the best popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s “Youtube”! Top3 in Indonesia is as below.

1位 Youtube(49%)

2位 Facebook(48%)

3位 Instagram(39%)


Indonesian use Internet on PC or Tablets 8 hours 44 minutes a day on average. In case of cellphones, 3 hours 55 minutes a day. The average usage time accounts for one-third of one day. As a result, there are a data showing young Indonesian people don’t watch TV but Youtube usually.

Thus, it’s one of the most effective ways to advertise on Youtube. But, you will be able to attract more people if you ask Youtuber to introduce your products. In addition, it’s the most important to manage your Facebook and Instagram for telling targets your products, concept and message.


The current status of the use of SNS

Facebook and Instagram are one of SNS. Then, let’s chekck the current status of the use of SNS in Indonesia.


As you can see, total number of active social media users is 106 million. It accounts for 40% of Indonesian population! In particular, Facebook users (one month) are 106 million, so all SNS users use Facebook. The number of people using Facebook everyday is more than about 43 million, 41%. Also, the number of people login on cellphones is about 92 million, 87%.


As most of people check Facebook on cellphones, it’s necessary that you should make your advertise more visible on small screens. For example, telling message with not sentences but photos, viewers can check at a glance.


The largest segment




As you can see, young population is larger than other ages.

1st 0~4 years old

2nd 10~14 years old

3rd 15~19years old and 5~9 years old

4th 30~34 years old

5th 35~39 years old

That is to say business targeting 0~10s and their parents (30s) will be a success. You had better target not only each ages but also all them as family.


ASIACLICK research market and consumers, manage Facebook and Instagram in stead of you, promote products with influencers. We have correspondents in each ASEAN countries, so we always localize contents, how to advertise and so on with them. If you want to enter into foreign countries, please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian Correspondent/Luki)


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