【Vietnam】IT Affects Vietnamese Market PART2!〜”University×IT”〜

Xin Chao! I’m Sakurai, a marketer of Vietnam in ASIACLICK.

In PART1, I introduced two popular Websites among mother with the theme “Mother×IT.” In PART2, let’s focus on ‘University Students.’ To our surprise, most of professors use IT in their classes. In addition, Vietnamese government makes an investment in IT, so market scale of IT industry is expanding!

This time I’m going to introduce how university students use IT and a city attracting the most attention as a place of expansion of IT industry.


Usage situation of IT in Vietnamese universities

There are over 400 institutions of higher education. The rate of university enrolments in Vietnam is 30.47% and 88th in the world. Currently, there are three kinds of universities: public universities (national universities, regional universities, specialized universities, open-universities), private universities, universities with foreign capital. In case of public universities, their tuition is about USD250-500.

72.1% of them have both laptop and smartphone because more than 90% of universities have portal websites to register and check information about events.




In addition, 40% of university students contact with professors via Facebook and 50% get textbooks as PDF or e-book.

What many students wish for more technology adaption is about ‘Online.’ For example, online report submission, online tuition payment and online library. Or, demand for IT is increasing.


Expansion of IT industry

Then, What kind of situation is Vietnamese IT industry in?

As most of you know, the midsection of Vietnam, Da Nang, is famous as one of resort development areas.



In fact, Vietnamese government invests in Da Nang to make it ‘Software Park’ for IT companies. ‘FPT’, the largest IT company in Vietnam, built its building and about 800 employees work there. In addition, it’s build golf courses and a soccer ground, a tennis court and a park.


Why is “Da Nang” becoming IT city?

Many people may think the best brains want to work in big cities, for example, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. There are many large companies and superior universities. But, Da Nang has attractive points keeping up with these cities!

Easy to secure human resources and Low-paying

In big cities, it’s difficult to secure human resources as there are many companies and salary is higher and higher. On the other hand, it’s easier to secure human resources in Da Nang as only a few large companies expand there, and salary is two thirds of Ho Chi Minh. That is to say there are many chances to get the best brains who haven’t been found yet.

University of Da Nang

In university of Da Nang, students study technology. It is 28th of more than 400 ones in Vietnam. It concluded an exchange contract with famous universities in Japan. Many organizations contribute to this university, so more excellent personals will graduate from it.

Coming back to hometown

Although some Vietnamese people moved to central cities to enter universities or work, they come back their home and work there to have times with their family. That’s why you can get excellent personals who have experiences at large companies.


You will be able to find a new market if you check national character and market trend. ASIACLICK has correspondents in Southeast Asia and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and they help you with expanding overseas. We can research market, promote your products into your target countries and so on. Please contact us(info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Marketer of Vietnam/Sakurai)








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