【The Philippines】The popular influencer with Mother and Father!! How to attract them?!

Hi, everyone! I’m Rossiel, a Philippine correspondent of ASIACLICK.


In the Philippines, the average age is very young, 23 years old. According to the World Bank’s 2016 survey, the average birthrate is 2.98 (1.42 in Japan). The Catholic teaching of that children are gifts from God affects this result.

▼︎Reference: https://asiaclickglobe.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/%E3%80%90philippines%E3%80%91popular-advertisement-on-youtube-nidofortigrow-whats-two-points-about-pr/

The point is that the number of your targets becomes large when you promote your company to ‘Mother’ and ‘Father.’ This time, I’m going to introduce an influencer who is popular with people raising kids and explain the reason!

What’s ”Influence Asia 2017”?



“Influence AISA 2017” was held in Malaysia and the largest social medias awards in ASIA. It included the Top 300+ nominees each from 7 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. Yello Digital Marketing (YDM), Korean marketing group, was the organizer of it.

I’d like to introduce “Andi Manzano” who won the Philippine PARENTING category at this event. She has gained tremendous support from parents with children in the Philippines now. There are points in posting to social medias!


Who is ”Andi Mazano”?



“Andi Mazano” is an influencer who is active as an actress and radio DJ since teens and very popular with young women raising kids. She posts on Blog and Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook’s followers is over 2.2 million people! The contents of posting are about traveling and beauty, music and so on like other influencers post. However, a certain feature attracts many fans. It is “her daughter is shown“! Let’s check her posts!


What does attract parents with kids?

This time I’d like to focus on Youtube and Instagram.



This video introduces how she wears make-up in 5 minutes everyday. As you can see, her daughter tries to help her mother with doing so. But she puts blush on mother’s forehead. I think most of mothers have experienced some times. A video showing Andi and her daughter cook a cake is also posted. In the video, daughter strewed ingredients all over the table. So it is the attractive point for parents with kids that videos show happening by kids.



Her posts on Instagram are different from ones on Youtube. She posts photos with her family or of events. Its followers is more than 510,000. Travel photos and videos are especially popular with them. Moreover, she replies each comment! She has visited Hong Kong and Korea, so we should check how promote other countries’ travels with her daughter.

It is common for wealthy class in Southeast Asia to go on a trip overseas with kids. Most of people think the cry of baby isn’t a bother as children are gifts from God. Thus, we should consider places, roads and foods for kids from other countries.

ASIACLICK has correspondents in Southeast Asia and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. They grew up in each country, so they can share nation’s way of thinking and custom with you. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Philippine Correspondent/Rossiel)





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