【Vietnam】IT Affects Vietnamese Market PART1! -”Mother × IT”-

Xin Chao! I’m Sakurai, a Vietnamese marketing staff of ASIACLICK.

Now, population of ages 20-34 accounts for 26.9% (about 25.40 million) of total ones of Vietnam, so businesses whose target is the young are increasing.

Women who are in 20-34 years old have big events. Do you know what it is? The answer is ‘Giving Birth’! My friends are in these ages, so they gave birth in these days. Then, I’d like to introduce popular sources of information with mothers leading to make your promotion effective with the theme, “Mother× IT.”

Internet Usage of ‘Mother’

Increasing multiple of Internet users from 2000 to the end of March 2017 was 248.7%, or 52.1% of total population use Internet. Vietnam has been ranked in ‘TOP 20 COUNTRIES WITH HIGHEST NUMBER OF INTERNET USERS.’

Let’s check Internet usage of mothers. According to a survey of ‘Q&Me’, average of Internet usage time is 197 minutes and 35% of mothers use Internet more than 5 hours. The below picture shows which media and information mothers check and get.


As you know, they get information from Facebook or friends because ‘word of mouth’ is important in Vietnam. But, there are 2 medias used as often as them, community and news site. Thus, I’m going to explain popular websites, ‘Eva.vn’ and ‘Webtretho.’


Popular Websites



This website is very popular as a source of information about beauty/ health and pregnancy. It has its Facebook and the number of followers is about 2.4 million! It publishes many kinds of articles, for example fashion and cook, why is information about beauty/health and pregnancy popular? As a reason for this, there are many articles about that women hate to ask their friends. No matter how Vietnamese like to talk with their friends, they have topics they hate to ask. ‘Eva.vn’ introduces these topics with more than 2 pictures, so there is a huge demand for it.




On the other hand, ’Webtretho’ is popular as a source of child-rearing and its number of followers is about 550 million. There are article introducing special knowledge about children’s mental and physical development. In particular, ‘comment function’ is the best characteristic! Viewers can ask writers anything and check other’s opinions, so they can use it like bulletin board system. ‘Comment function’ is very attractive for Vietnamese as they give weight to word of mouth.

If you want to get popularity in your target countries, you should research market to know which service no one has done. In addition, you need to understand their life style, national character and trends.


ASIACLICK researches market and consumers and helps you with planning your products and promotion. We have correspondents in Southeast Asia and Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and they give you advices and support to localize your promotion. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Marketing staff of Vietnam/Sakurai)






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