【Hong Kong】How to get more followers in short period when access to overseas?!

Hello, I am Shiori, the Hong Kong correspondent of ASIACLICK.

There are various foreign retails companies started up their business and stores in Hong Kong. Having more competitions among different company, it is very important to know how to attract the eyes of Hong Kong people. This year, one of the famous Japanese brand “GU” had opened two stores in Hong Kong.

So, I would like to share the method that GU Hong Kong using, showing how to promote and attract more followers via Social medias channel.

The Status of GU entering into Hong Kong market

As most of you know, “GU” is one of the major clothing chains in Japan, the brand of Fast Retailing, the retail chain “Uniqlo” is also the brand of Fast Retailing. Uniqlo started its business in Hong Kong since 2005 and now has 16 stores.

“GU” knows the key of getting success from Uniqlo and that’s the reason they started up two stores at the same time.  The first store was opened on 31 Mar 2017, where located at Mira Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the crowded areas in Hong Kong. Another store was opened on the next day, 1 Apr 2017 and it located at Windsor House Shopping Mall in Causeway Bay, the main hub of the side of Hong Kong Island. Provide good service and promotion are very important after setting up new stores. Like Southeast Asia, Hong Kong also shares big influence from the PR via Social medias channel. GU Hong Kong is using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to spread out their latest news.


3 kinds of PR



※Picture:GU Hong Kong Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/gu.hongkong/

The first store was opened about 3 months ago and now the followers of its Facebook page have 105,703 people (until 12 JUN). The whole image of the page is colorful and it continues to update the newest information every day. The page uses not just pictures but also some short videos when sharing new posts. There is special point that I would like you to focus, and that is “Campaign”. GU Hong Kong is holding promotion campaign regularly. There is a campaign called “Jam Your Fashion Music”, download the game apps and you can coordinate clothes of GU. The top 3 winners could have the clothes from GU as a gift. I think holding some campaign is one of the key point to gain many followers in a short period.



※Picture:GU  Hong Kong Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/gu.hongkong/?hl=en

There are 8,695 people following the Instagram of GU Hong Kong (Until 13 JUN). The content of the posts in Instagram is different from Facebook. It mainly shares the posts of different fashion style by some popular HK Instagram users, the photos of the events held by GU Hong Kong and some short videos. This is the characteristic of using Instagram and people could see all the posts at the beginning.



※GU  Hong Kong Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHPkj2OyBBjwbEiagYAAQw

Comparing with other Social medeias channel, there is no regular posting on the Youtube channel but the total number of view of the videos are keep increasing as the video shared to Facebook and Instagram. GU Hong Kong has invited different artists to have the promotion video. Like the picture above, this is one of the popular girl idol groups in Hong Kong, they are called “Super Girls”. It is good for raising the popularity of the brand among the young.

When using Social medias to promote business, using two or above Social medias channel and holding some campaigns, launching some videos will enjoy a big influence. And it is extremely important to grasp the pattern of the local people using Social medias.


ASIACLICK has correspondents in Southeast Asia and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, so you can understand the local market trend to promote your company into target countries and so on through ASIACLICK. Please contact us(info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Hong Kong Correspondent/Shiori)


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