【Taiwan】Why has “MOS BURGER” been top of Japanese restaurants in Taiwan?

Hi, everyone! I’m Chianing, a Taiwanese correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Most of Taiwanese like Japanese dishes, so many Japanese store, Ramen stores and so on, entered into Taiwan. “MOS BURGER” has been popular since my child-hood. It’s the most famous and popular of all Japanese restaurants and has 247 stores in Taiwan.

Then, I’d like to explain 3 points of the reason why “MOS BURGER” is popular!

“MOS BURGER” in Taiwan


“MOS BURGER” has established a joint venture company with ‘TECO Electric and Machinery’ in Taiwan in 1990 and started a full-scale expansion overseas. Although it came from Japan, it became No.2 in the fast-food there.

We can order delivery and will get dishes as soon as we arrive at stores if we tell them when we go to stores by P.M. 9:00 at the day before via application.


3 Points of Keeping their popularity

In fact, their dishes are smaller in quantity than other companies’ ones. But why do they attract many people in Taiwan? Its points are ①Health Awareness②Promotion③Place! Let’s check the details.


①Health Awareness

“MOS BURGER” is popular as ‘Japanese taste’ , and most of its ingredients grew in Taiwan. So, they tell customer production history on the Internet. Or, we can know they have many safety vegetables.



When we click this page, we can check who cultivated a vegetable and his production process.



“MOS BURGER” advertise their new dishes in both of TV and Social Media.

In commercials on TV, all people speak Chinese as Japanese people do so to let customer know “MOS BURGER” is Japanese brand.




※Picture:Official Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnqQdX_4wk0

In the video of the upper picture, he says ‘Itadaki MOS〜’ in Japanese.

On the other hand, “MOS BURGER” frequently provides campaigns and issues coupon on their Facebook having 470,806 followers. They know Taiwanese are apt to fall in and out of love quickly well.



※Quotation:Official Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/mosburger.tw/?fref=ts


The upper picture shows a campaign whose theme is ‘cheering to office workers.’ If you tag colleague friends to @ as below and book breakfast via application, you and your friends will get 1 free coffee.

【@________@_______ 一起使用MOS APP點早餐 一起喝MOS Café 吧!】

Promotion on Social Media has a effect on young people! Also, most of Taiwanese eat breakfast everyday, so a campaign of breakfast is good.



“MOS BURGER” is opened at all stations of Taiwan High Speed Railway. That’s why it can be known by anybody regardless of age or sex.




‘Eating’ is essential for living, so you need to understand custom of people living in your target country. After that, you should decide business hours and so on. In addition, it no use deciding how many times you provide campaigns and contents without knowing naturesof people.

ASIACLICK can research market and customer, promote your company overseas and hold events. Moreover, we have correspondents in South East Asia and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and they help you with your projects. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Taiwanese Correspondent/Chianing)






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