【Indonesia】Why is “MATCHA” popular in Indonesia? 〜PART2〜

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, a correspondent of ASIACLICK in Indonesia.

I introduced PART1 ‘SHIROKUMA CAFE’ which is very popular in Indonesia with focusing on “MATCHA” in PART1. This time, I’d like to introduce its commodity planning and PR on SNS as strategy.

■”KAWAII” menu is attracting to many people!

“KAWAII Boom” arrived in Indonesia. ‘KAWAII’ means cute. The menu of ‘SHIROKUMA CAFE’ is a topic in the boom.

The top picture is posted on official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cafe.shirokuma/?fref=ts), and it’s attracting to women because of its cute presentation. Colors’ soft creams are pastel, so it doesn’t look like not healthy and keep the concept of this cafe.

In fact, first target was people in from teen to thirties. However, after this cafe opened, family having kids and over 40 years old visit there. ‘KAWAII’ is popular with kids, too.


■PR via Instagram


Followers of Instagram are 43,500. This number is about 4.6 times as many as ones of Facebook. Dishes  of which people make much account of presentation are easier to appeal to many people than other SNS.  These pictures make people who are kids and adults want to try dishes because they focus on ‘KAWAII.’

In addition, they often carry out campaigns to get more customers.


Most of Indonesian love talking with many people, so it’s very attractive to buy 1 and get 1 free. Also, customers can hold big groups or private events there. Its private room can accommodate large groups of 12 people.

Young people in Indonesia usually post photos on Facebook and Instagram and comment each other. Because Indonesian like to boasting of their special experiences, it’s the most important to show their friends how cute place or dishes they experienced via SNS.

If you attract to many people on SNS because of cute presentation and so on, you can reduce costs for promotion by word of mouth.

Local correspondents of ASIACLICK support you basing on topics and trends in each Asia country. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!

(ASIACLICK・Correspondent in Indonesia/Luki)




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