【Taiwan】Why did “Fuchico” become popular rapidly in Taiwan? –Part2-

Hi, everyone! I’m Chianing, a Taiwanese correspondent of ASIACLICK.

In Part1, I introduced how “Fuchico” promote their products to Taiwanese to become famous rapidly. These are 3 points of their promotion; ①Place many people visit×Freshness, ②How to promote goods to people in other age range, ③Collaboration with ‘LINE.’ If you want to know details, please check Part1 !

This time, I’d like to introduce a popular campaign and exhibition of “Fuchico.”


‘CITY CAFE’ is coffee we can buy at SEVEN ELEVEN in Taiwan. We can get goods only available in Taiwan after collecting 4 stickers attached to coffee cups and paying some money. They often go on campaigns, so it doesn’t make customers lose interest.



These goods are stands for glasses or cell phones. “Fuchico” goods are not only for putting on cup rims but also utility ones. We can buy these stands for about 14 USD after collecting 4 stickers. In addition, you can get them if you collect 20 stickers.



Next, please look at the upper picture. This is a luncheon mat which we can buy for about 14 USD after collecting 4 stickers. Of course, there are many people collecting stickers to get “Fuchico” goods. But some people buy coffees at SEVEN-ELEVEN because their wife, daughter and so on want to get them. Namely, this campaign is effective promotion of “Fuchico” and SEVEN-ELEVEN.


Fuchico Exhibition

From 24th December in 2016 to 12th February in 2017, ‘杯緣子 in 台灣 (Fuchico Exhibition) ‘ was held at SYNTREND’s building. There were capsule toy machines and good only available in Taiwan. Also,  All “Fuchico” visitors could see were carried from Japan.




Then, I want you to look at the picture below!




This video introduces collaboration with SEVEN-ELEVEN and was shot at a set in the exhibition. We could take pictures with big “FUchico” like this. Moreover, visitors enjoyed finding “Fuchico” because there are many little “Fuchico.” That is ‘The exhibition people want to post’!! As a result, goods were sold out at every SEVEN-ELEVEN.

Effective methods differ depending on features of products and targets. Localization is very important in case of events and exhibitions. You should understand the current local market and trends of every age range and sex.

ASIACLICK has correspondents in South East Asia and Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Korea, so we tell you the current market and trends. We can research some market and hold events in some countries at the same time. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Taiwanese correspondent/Chianing)

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