【Indonesia】Why is “MATCHA” popular in Indonesia? 〜PART1〜

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, a correspondent of ASIACLICK in Indonesia.

Now, “soft cream” is popular as Japanese desert in Indonesia. Also, MATCHA, ANMITSU and MOCHI are widely known, too.

This time, I’d like to introduce ‘ SHIROKUMA CAFE’ which is very popular in Indonesia with focusing on “MATCHA”! How do they make “MATCHA” boom?


‘SHIROKUMA CAFE’  we can eat Japanese sweets at was opened on Jun in 2014. They order MATCHA from Japan, and in fact, its owner is an Indonesian woman. Visiting Japan, she loved Japanese sweets and opened this cafe. The first cafe is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk near Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. After becoming famous, the 2nd one is in Grand Indonesia.

■”MATCHA” making its boom


The main menu is MATCHA and SHIRATAMA. ‘SHIRATAMA PARFAIT’ is the most popular of all. I want you to pay attention to “Sweetness.” There are many sweets containing much sugar in Indonesia. But, these sweets using MATCHA are light on the sweetness. MATCHA became popular because it’s healthy and delicious.

Official website says ‘Recent scientific research has also discovered that matcha has anti-aging and anti-cancerous properties. As well as being a powerful antioxidant, green tea is also rich in Catechin, which helps in burning calories (Quoted from https://www.cafeshirokuma.com/).’

■MATCHA became a new menu of famous store!


As we can see from the upper picture, ‘STARBUCKS INDONESIA’ sells a drink whose theme is SAKURA and MATCHA. Nowadays, most of young Indonesian always post photos on Facebook and Instagram when they order a new menu of STARBUCKS. MATCHA will be more and more popular because of this.

‘SHIROKUMA CAFE’ could make MATCHA boom because they know local food culture. If you want to have store, company and so on in other countries, you have to research their market thoroughly and localize your products and services. I’m going to introduce commodity planning method and PR via SNS in PART2.

ASIACLICK help you with market research, commodity planning and sales. We have correspondents in each ASEAN country, and they give advices you on a regular basis. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Correspondent in Indonesia/Luki)


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