【Taiwan】Why did “Fuchico” become popular rapidly in Taiwan? -Part1-

Hi, everyone! I’m Chianing, a Taiwanese correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Do you know “ Fuchico” made in Japan is very popular in Taiwan? They promote products in variety ways, so it became famous rapidly last year.

Then, I’d like to introduce 3 points of their promotion in Part 1!

  How did “Fuchico” became famous rapidly?

In Taiwan, goods which are popular among young people are likely to be known by many people. By the way, how did “Fuchico” promote products to young people?

Place many people visit×Freshness

There are capsule toy machines outside most of SEVEN ELEVEN. Many young people know “Fuchico” because of having one there.




Also, it is very attractive for them “Fuchico” that they have kept their ‘freshness’! Young people are interested in them because of their unique figures, they will search “Fuchico” and know they are popular in Japan. After that, they collect various “Fuchico” and post photos on Social media because new versions of “Fuchico” wearing new clothes or posing are always on sale. In other words, “Fuchico” became famous by word of mouth! This selling method is useful as researching whether goods will be popular or not before holding a big event.


How to promote goods to people in other age range

After “Fuchico” has become popular because of capsule toy machine, they started to sell at other places. The places are SOGO and MITSIKOSHI known as big department stores in Taiwan. They hold JAPANESE FOOD EXHIBITION semiannually. “Fuchico” could get new customers and attract people in different age range from the young.


Collaboration with ‘LINE’

‘Digital in 2017: Eastern Asia(https://www.slideshare.net/wearesocialsg/digital-in-2017-eastern-asia)’ shows LINE users in Taiwan account for 69% of population, or about 16.19 million.


LINE is the effective tool for promotion to people of wide generations at once in Taiwan. Users of LINE Camera can use stamps of “Fuchico,” so young girls take photos and post them on Social media with using stamps. It became one of promotions!

You need to decide first target for promotion to people of wide generations and becoming famous. Social media is very important to be known by many people, so you should understand trends of each country and localize Social media.

ASIACLICK has correspondents in South East Asia and Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Korea. That’s why we can tell you the latest market information and trends, and we support your expanding overseas. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!

(ASIACLICK・Taiwanese Correspondent/Chianing)


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