【Australia】Do you know what supermarkets is Australia do for Jews?

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, a correspondent of ASIACLICK in Indonesia.

First, I have a question. Do you know “KOHSHER”? This is very important for multicultural coexistence, and there are many “KOHSHER” at supermarkets in Australia.

Then, I’d like to introduce its ingenious contrivances and what you can do for many religions.

・What’s “KOHSHER”? 

“KOSHER” are foods for Jews. They can’t eat some foods which are mainly animals and fish. “KOHSHER” doesn’t include them.

There are about 120,000 Jews in Australia, so Australian need to do something for Jew’s life.


・What do supermarkets in Australia do for Jews? 

A mark shows foods are “KOHSHER” like Halal mark. Please look at this picture.


Rabbi who is Father or monk visits companies producing fish (limited type) and beef, pork, sheep, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Then, he checks how the company product foods and teach right ways. After that, he will give them the certificate.

However, Jews will need to spend lots time to find foods with mark. So, supermarkets set “KOHSHER CORNER” for them!

As a result, Jews are easy to go shopping and customers of supermarkets will gain.


・What can you do for religions?? 

It is good to gain Halal foods, KOHSHER and so on, but it costs a lot. If you try to do something now, you should set “corner for Muslims, Jews and….”! The corners will be a souvenir corner for foreigners who are Muslims and Jews.

ASIACLICK has correspondents who are Muslims. They gives you advices. In addition, we can research markets, plan and PR at ASEAN countries and Japan. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Indonesian correspondent/Luki)


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