【Indonesia】Learning understanding of religions from conversations with a waiter in Australia.

Selamat sore! I’m Luki, an Indonesian correspondent at ASIACLICK.

“The number of repeaters” visiting your country from Indonesia depends on understanding of religions. A few days ago, I visited Australia for sightseeing. I’d like to let you know conversations with a waiter because I was impressed with his good service.

・Conversations showing understanding of religions in Australia

Luki:Excuse me. Could you put anything else on this Sandwich instead of beacon? I’m a Muslim, so I can’t eat beacon.

Waiter:I see. So, can’t you eat sausages? Well… What would you want to eat?

Luki:Could you put eggs on it?

Waiter:Then, how about Scrambled eggs?

Luki:Please do so.


The food arrived.

Waiter:We put scrambled eggs on it  instead of beacon as you can’t eat it. Are there no mistakes with this order?

Luki:Yes, thank you.

Waiter:Enjoy your meal.


The waiter is in his early twenties, but he understands Muslim. I was so glad that I could feel free to check whether they were able to use anything else instead of pork or not.

When my friend traveled to East Asia, he ordered Sandwich. At that time, he thought there was not something he couldn’t eat in it. However, there were beacons!! Although he had paid, he couldn’t it.


・What’s the point to gain repeaters who are Muslim for visiting your country?

Beacon and sausage made from pork in many countries. In Indonesia, they are made from chicken.

Muslim will be able to enjoy their trips if many people in visiting country have knowledge of religion and arrange dishes. It is the most important point that Muslim can enjoy their trips, including foods.

If you want to gain visitors who are Muslim, you should have countermeasure for dishes, praying and so on.

ASIACLICK has correspondents who are Muslim, and they give advice about Islamic countries to you. In addition, we hold seminars about Muslim. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Indonesian correspondent/Luki)


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