【Vietnam】What many young people want to get influences tourist to increase!

Xin chao! I’m Sakurai, marketer of Vietnam in Asiaclick.

‘ One out of 30 Vietnamese.’ Do you know what this numeric data shows? The answer is penetration rate of credit card! We sometimes hear complaints of that Vietnam a fewer number of credit card member stores. However, the number of cards issued exceeded about 3 million.

Then, I’d like to introduce strategy of “JCB” which started to issue credit cards for Vietnamese!

JCB’s entering into the Vietnamese market

VISA and MASTER card have already developed their business for the high-income class and maintained high shares in Vietnam. Thus, “JCB” is trying to get users in the middle-income class who graduated from universities and started working in these days or white collar workers in from 20s to mid-30s. It’s important to enter this market before adaption rate of credit cards gains because they can reduce costs.

Then, why did they choose the middle-income class as a target? ‘Asia Plus’, researching consumers in Vietnam, researched life style of Vietnamese who are single, workers and in 20s. As a result, 15% in them buy something on the Internet.


When we want to use Online Shopping, we need to have credit cards. Nowadays, its users are increasing more and more, so the number of credit cards used will be lager!


How JCB promote

Then, I’m going to introduce how “JCB” promote. There are two points, ①Facebook and ②Campaign.





Followers of Official Facebook page are about 400,000. There’re many posts introducing where users can get merits or videos with using famous artists. Its feature is that we can know which store is a credit card member and which goods are discounted through photos. Vietnamese like explanation with photos better than characters.



As I mentioned in ①, ‘Discount Campaigns’ are often held. In particular, “Discount Entrance fee” is interesting. When you visit these towers in Japan and show JCB card, you don’t need to pay entrance fee. This campaign has a effect on Inbound.


Income and lifestyle of nation often changes in South East Asia, so time you enter into their markets and how to PR are very important. Moreover, added value is the most important point to succeed in each country.

ASIACLICK can research consumers and competitors, plan and sell your products and PR on SNS. In addition, we have local correspondents in South East Asia, so there’re many experiences because of localizing. Please contact us (info@asiaclick.jp)!


(ASIACLICK・Marketer of Vietnam/Sakurai)



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