【Indonesia】Jakarta fashion will be trend! Focus on a popular blogger and her Instagram!

Selamat sore!I’m Luki who is an Indonesian correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Do you know a fashionable Indonesian blogger who is popular in not only Indonesia but also the world? The blogger’s name is “SONIA ERYKA.” In fact, next trend of fashion is Jakarta. Thus, it is said that she will be more and more influential.

This time, I’d like to introduce the reason why she is popular and her posts.

・Who is “SONIA ERYKA”?

“SONIA ERYKA” is an Indonesian blogger. She is 23 years old and successful as a multi designer, and she spreads fashion of Jakarta. In addition, she is an owner of cafe and actives as a cameraman and singer. When she was 12 years old, she collected vintage goods and started her blog “A Diary of THE RIOTOUS BELLE (http://www.soniaeryka.com/).” There are many articles about fashion and travel, beauty and so on, so it attracts many people all over the world!

As you can see from this picture, SONIA posts photos taken in Japan. She lives Japan, so she posts photos like this on her blog and Instagram frequently.


・SONIA’s posts×Japan

Now, I’m going to introduce SONIA’s blog and Instagram.


↑The picture of her blog

On the left of this background, we can see “SKⅡ.” Photos which show names of commodities have a powerful impact on readers. But I think you may not understand her popularity, so I want to introduce her Instagram.


There are many young people who want to be SONIA, and the number of followers of Instagram is about 170 thousands!




↑Quoted from Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/soniaeryka/?hl=ja)

The feature of her Instagram is that she posts her life in Japan. Young people are attracted by life in Japan, that’s why posts whose theme is “ Life×Fashion”  are apt to be liked.

Moreover, it is also one of features that she tells followers what we can do at the place. She sometimes uploads movies taken in Japan.

All of her posts are in English, so people who live in foreign countries can also read her posts.

Nowadays, it is the trend that companies ask Bloggers and Youtuber to promote new products, sightseeing places and so on. If you do so, you will be able to know who are your targets for a short time.

ASIACLICK researches trends of each country, and we advise clients. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Indonesian correspondent/Luki)



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