【Taiwan】Which credit card is the most popular in Taiwan?

Hi, everyone! I’m Channing, a correspondent in Taiwan.

Do you know which country is the most popular for sightseeing among Taiwanese? It’s Japan. I think you want to know why Japan is popular. Taiwanese visit Japan to go shopping, especially apparel and Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer electronics. They usually pay in cash, but sometimes they pay with their credit cards when they buy expensive products. That’s why a Japanese company focused on the way of paying, and it promotes credit card using campaigns.

This time, I’d like to introduce how the Japanese company promotes its credit card in Taiwan!

・The most popular credit card in Taiwan

“Rakuten” is the most popular!! Rakuten founded its subsidiary in Taiwan, and it issued “Taiwan Rakuten card” in 2015. The number of cards issued was about 135,000 in a year. People use cards when they visit Japan mainly! Use rate for shopping is more than 70%. Incidentally, City bank is the 2nd most popular.


・How much is the consumption of  “Rakuten” credit cards?


According to data analysis, the consumption at ‘Big Camera’ is more than 9 million per year. Thus, most of people buy something at specialty stores.

Why?? Because it provides many campaigns. Using credit cards at Big Camera, users buy at 8%off (immunity from taxation) plus 6%off! In addition, users can get 5% points when they book hotels in Japan and pay with Rakuten card via Rakuten Travel, and 20% off when they use Rakuten card at restaurants of Monteroza (http://www.roza.monteroza.co.jp/monte_view/Search_shop.php).


・How to promote effectively in Taiwan

As I introduced some campaigns, it is the most affective that company of credit card affiliated with hotels, restaurants and so on.

Many stores sell goods at same price. If you can buy something at the cheapest price, you want to get the credit card. Affiliation like this is very effective, and discount campaign is important. If credit card and stores are famous, they will get many customers!!

ASIACLICK has correspondents in ASEAN and China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. We can promote via TV and radio, newspaper and something like that. In addition, we do business activity instead of you and consult. All correspondents tell you needs of each country, and we plan campaign. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Correspondent in Taiwan/Channing)


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