【Indonesia】The rank of popular cities in Japan in 2017 shows opportunities to visit Japan!

Selamat sore! I’m a correspondent of ASIACLICK in Indonesia, Luki.

“Japan Travel Fair” was held by JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) in Indonesia at the beginning of March. Then, it announced popular city in Japan from its sales result.

Reference: http://www.jakartashimbun.com/free/detail/34100.html

This time I’d like to introduce its rank and why cities are popular and departure months.

・The rank of popular cities

The rank of popular cities for Indonesian is this as below.

1st Tokyo

2nd Hokkaido

3rd Osaka

4th Fukuoka

As we can see this result, Hokkaido and Fukuoka is popular of provincial cities. People that have visited more twice want to go to other big cities, so I think they chose these cities in North and South.

Indonesian like visiting capital cities better than see nature because they can see nature everywhere in Indonesia. That’s why there are many opinions which people want to visit capital developed cities!


・The rank of departure months

The most popular departure months are Jun, December and November based on popularity.

Jun is “the Islamic fasting month.” After that, there are national holidays for a week. Most of Islamic people go back to their hometown, but the number of the young generation that travels to foreign countries is gaining step by step. In addition, some Chinese Indonesian go overseas to miss the crowd.

December has Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Some Indonesian people take a long holiday from Christmas to New Year’s Eve by applying for vacation leave like Europe and America.

The reason for November’s popularity is that people in Indonesia can enjoy snow and autumnal tints.

Population for Lower-middle income class is 100 millions in Indonesia, but the number of people travel to Japan is less than other ASEAN countries. The point is whether Islamic can travel without worrying or not.

ASIACLICK has Islamic correspondents, and they advise some clients about Inbound. There are many effective ways of PR in ASEAN, so we should understand local cultures and customs before promoting. Please contact us!


(ASIACLICK・Indonesian correspondent/Luki)


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