【Vietnam】The site to order delivery “Vietnammm” tells us effective ways of PR?!

Xin chao!I’m Sakurai who is in charge of Vietnamese market.

In Vietnam, they always order “delivery” when they celebrate something. For example, they order delivery and eat Pizza at co-worker’s birthday. Do you know which site to order delivery is the most popular of all? It’s “Vietnammm (https://www.vietnammm.com/en/).”

Then, I’d like to introduce good features of  “Vietnammm”!!

・What’s “Vietnammm”?

A company ,” Rocket Internet”, in Germany invested it, and it started as the name “Foodpanda” in Singapore on February of 2012. In case of Vietnam, it was acquired by a local company on 215, and its name changed to “Vietnammm.” It is known as the largest site to order delivery and develops toward Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho and Nha Trang. In addition, it has about 1,000 partners. The growth rate is more than +300% for the past 3 years!

・Points to be popular!

Why do many people use “Vietnammm”? The answer is making full use of photos and movies!


Most of Vietnamese are apt to be bad at explanation in detail by characters. As a result, the upper image is good for them when you want to explain your services. Moreover, we can watch a movie explaining how it works.

Then, let’s check how it shows menu!


As the upper image, each dish has picture. And we can check “word of mouth”, so it can give ease to users who worry about dishes they can get and taste.

In addition, we can find small restaurants on the site! Of course, it sets minimum amount for ordering delivery. However, it is convenient for people living far from District1. I ordered delivery via “Vietnammm” many times. It has its HP written in English, so you can order without worrying about language if you can’t speak Vietnamese. Thus, its targets are both of Vietnamese and foreigners living in Vietnam!


It’s points to be popular that comparing some restaurants at glance and checking dishes and word of mouth. ASIACLICK can provide manage SNS and go to business instead of you in ASEAN. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Vietnamese market/Sakurai)



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