【Korea】The popular TV program of KBS shows how Muslim choose foods!

Annyeonghaseyo! I’m Horita from ASIACLICK.

Nowadays, there are many countries that Muslim accounts for 80% of their populations in Southeast Asia. Comparing population of Muslim with other religions, it is larger than others. That’s why Muslim becomes the topic of conversation as good target of business in Japan. So, we should attach grate importance to “Halal.”

Then, I’d like to introduce opinions of Muslim broadcasted by TV program, ”My neighbor Charles”!

・What’s “My neighbor Charles”?

“My neighbor Charles” introduces foreigners living in Korea. It is a broadcasting program by KBS World. “Find Halal (Episode7)” which was on air in the spring of 2015 introduced a family of Muslim from Uzbekistan. They introduced inconvenient something when they go shopping at supermarkets in Korea, and it spreads duties of Muslim.

URL of Movie:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ4LlysGtv8&t=337s


・What are “Halal” and “Haram”?

In the TV program, the father explains what they can eat to 2 sons while they are going shopping.


At the corner of Korean famous Choco pie, the father checks the details of materials. In addition, he said Muslim can’t eat foods which contains materials they don’t know.


As most of you know, Muslim eats only foods with Halal mark. They call foods which contains something they can’t eat (alchohole, pork and so on) “Haram.”



The upper image, “Halal mark”, means it followed Islamic law.


Some imported Icecreams are written “Suitable for Vegetarians.” Muslim can eat them as Vegetarians can do so.


When we want to sell Halal foods, we don’t have to get Halal mark. Actually, all of foods doesn’t have Halal marks at Islamic countries. Because it takes a high cost to get Halal mark. In this case, many foods specify whether they cantains pork or not.

Muslim shares the way of thinking , duties and prohibited matters. However, it depends on individual how many things they carry out in their life.

ASIACLICK has local staffs who are Muslim. They can give advice about Halal foods, pray rooms and so on to you. Please cantact us!



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