【World】The most influential Youtuber for inbound-What’s “influencer”?-ver.2

Hi, I’m Horita who is in charge of researching PR case.

Previously, I introduced a couple of Simon and Martina and their movies in ver.1.

This time, I’d like to explain points of their PR with focusing on SNS!

・Points of posts on Twitter


↑Quoted from Simon and Martina (@eatyourkimchi / https://twitter.com/eatyourkimchi)

At first, I want to show you their posts on Twitter. The number of their follower is 176,821. The information about live broadcasting, for example the date of live, is posted mainly. During this season (April), they upload movies of “ cherry blossom party” live as below. Movies like this attract foreigners who don’t live in Japan.


・Points of photos on Instagram


↑Quoted from eatyourkimchi(https://www.instagram.com/eatyourkimchi/?hl=ja

The number of followers on Instagram is larger than Twitter, 271 thousands. Photos showing their daily in Japan are uploaded mainly. For example, miso soup whish Martina cooked and Japanese Pubs.

・Points of posts on Google+


↑Quoated from Simon and Martina(https://plus.google.com/u/0/+eatyourkimchi

Most of Posts on Google+ are “movies introducing restaurants and dishes.” These ones linked with movies on Youtube. For example, dishes and inside of Sukiya and how to make Soba. Simon and Martina show them with Google because photos cannot do so in detail.  They use features of Google+ which Twitter and Instagram don’t have.

In addition, we can check all of posts on Facebook.

It is said that we can know targets more clearly than TV commercial, moreover we can promote our company with reasonable price. In developing countries like South East Asia, there are a few channels on TV, and foreign ones are broadcasting on cable TV. That’s why young people rarely watch TV. And most of them use smart phones, so people who watch not TV but Youtube are gaining step by step.

There are many Influencers, so we can provides information to the world through Youtuber. Because many people register channels (we will get notifications when a new movies is uploaded), one movie is watched by large number of people.


ASIACLICK cooperate with influencers and help companies with arranging PR. Please contact us!


(ASIACLICK・Correspondent of PR case/Horita)


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