【Indonesia】Japan is closing to Indonesia in 2017! Return ticket is the lowest ever price, JPY20,000!

Selamat sore! I’m Luki who is a local correspondent in Indonesia.

Many travel fairs are held around Jakarta in Indonesia by airline companies and travel agencies from last month. To our surprise, the price of return ticket (from Japan to Jakarta) became the lowest ever one!!  We could go to Japan by way of Kuala Lumpur for about 3JUTA( about USD 225) when we used Airasia. But, we can buy air tickets of direct flights to Japan at a good bargain this time.

Then, I’d like to introduce prices of air tickets in three travel fairs.

・Travel fair of Perusahaan Penerbangan Garuda Indonesia

This fair is held by Garuda Indonesia and BNI bank. As you see the picture below, the price of return ticket is 2.5JUTA (USD188). This price is the cheapest of 3 travel fairs.



This fair is held by JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization). The price is 3.9JUTA (USD292).


・Travel fair of Singapore Airlines

This fair is held by Singapore Airlines and BCA bank (for Chinese abroad who live in Indonesia). The price is 3.5JUTA (USD 262).


When we buy these air tickets, there are many conditions. For example, we should reserve them half a year beforehand. But  prices of return tickets such as these attract Indonesian.

In addition,  survey results from Master Card show that optimistic  Indonesian became 70% from 61% in2016. That’s why that nation in Indonesia will spend more money next year.


Informatin about VISA which Indonesian don’t need to get VISA  when they come to Japan spreads step by step. So we can expect that the number of visiter from Indonesia to Japan will gain.

ASIACLICK has local correspondents who live in each ASEAN country, and their advices are base on local market information.Please contact us!!

(ASIACLICK・local correspondent in Indonesia/Luki)


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