【Vietnam】Learn changing of Vietnamese needs from “Group-buying coupon site” !!

Xin chao! I’m Sakurai who is in charge of researching Vietnamese market.

Do you know ““Group-buying coupon” is popular in Vietnam? My Vietnamese friends frequently use it when they go to restaurants and travel. There are 4 famous sites, and people in Vietnam compare one with others with focusing on price.

Then, I’d like to introduce “HOTDEAL”, the largest daily deal site in Vietnam, and changing of Vietnamese needs which can be learned from commodities to be discounted!

・What is ”HOTDEAL”?

“HOTDEAL” has about 3.1 millions unique users per month and about 2.5 millions members among young people who live in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.  It makes good use of group-buying and flash marketing (how to sell coupons which are discounted prices with benefit for a limited time on the Internet) and sells discount coupon tickets of restaurant and spa, fashion items, consumer electronics, household items, ornaments, toys, beauty equipment, books and tour.



・Which commodities to be discounted does show changing of needs?

I think most of people can use discount coupons at spa and restaurants in your countries. In Vietnamese case, they can do so at places we can’t hit upon.


As you can see this picture, Vietnamese can use discount coupons at “dental clinics”! This one is for children’s prevention of decay, and it takes 76% off.

In the past, many people went to dental clinics when they had toothache. However, “Health of Teeth” has been trend since 2010. As population of middle-income group is gaining, people in thirties want to get dental cleaning and others over forties want to treat their cavity.

Moreover, foreigners who go to local dental clinics are gaining because their prices are cheap and technology and equipment are developing step by step. As a result, many new dental clinics are opened!

You should know the latest market trend to plan an effective strategy. ASIACLICK has local correspondents in each ASEAN country, so we can always tell you these information. Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Vietnamese market/Sakurai)


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