【World】Youtuber who is a foreigner is the most influential!!-What’s “influencer”?- ver.1

Hi, I’m Horita who is in charge of researching PR case.

This time I’d like to introduce potential of PR with focusing on “Youtuber” becoimg a hot topic in the world and PR.

・Who is popular as Youtuber with foreigners who like Japan ?

Do you know Youtuber who is the most popular with foreigners like Japan and lives in Tokyo?

They are…”Simon and Martina”!! (married Canadian couple)

→URL of Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMtDePlMyiqv2XC_ByNEVQ

Its language is English, and they edit movies to cool ones. As a result, many people who are interested in Japan subscribe their channel.

To our surprise, the number of subscribing their channel is over 1.2millios!!

・What movie did become popular in the world?

A movie “The Sushi God of Tokyo” uploaded last year became a topic of conversation all over the world, and it is played 2.3millions times (until second decade of March in 2017).

It introduces to obtain fresh fish at Tsukiji and cut them through covering Mr. Saito who is manage Sushi restaurant, Sushi Saito, closely. His restaurant has been three Michelin-starred for 5 years.


Simon and Martina says that it is attractive how to buy and sell fish and taking Sushi which customers eat seriously.


・Points to attract people in the world!

Of course, it is one of reasons why their movies are popular that each one’s quality is very high. Moreover, the most important point is subtitle setting! We can choose a language of 11.

Comparing it with other Youtuber, movies of “Hikakin” who is famous in Japan have only Japanese subtitle. His target is different from Simon and Martina’s one, but they’re thinking out a method or a way.



ASIACLICK helps clients with arranging PR of their products and something like that through cooperating with influencers who is popular in each ASEAN country. We have our achievements in Singapore etc.

Please contact us!!


(ASIACLICK・Researching PR case/Horita)


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