【Indonesia】The store specializing in Tapioca “KOI” from Taiwan! What are photos posted on SNS which gets many purchasers?!

Selamat sore! I’m Luki who is in charge of Indonesia.

Nowadays, the store specializing in Tapioca “KOI” from Taiwan is popular in Indonesia. How is it attracting many people?? In fact, its point is photos posted on SNS!

Then, I’d like to introduce KOI’s Facebook and explain the point this time.

What is “KOI”??

In 2006, “KOI” was opened at Taichung in Taiwan. It opened a location in Singapore, and now, it has a lot of stores in China and Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan.

We can buy not only Tapioca but also Tea Latte, Macchiato and something like that. Its menu has 60 kinds of drinks, and purchasers can adjust sweetness from 6 steps. Prices are different in each country and reasonable!

Moreover, the reason for founding this brand is that founder missed tea he drunk in his country when he traveled around the world. So, this store has interesting story. (Official HP:http://www.koicafe.com/jp/)

・○○○ is not Indonesian culture!!

When Indonesian chooses restaurants, they focus on long line!!

There are many people in Indonesia who see long lines on TV and Internet. In Indonesian, there are no lines usually. In other words, “lines” is not culture for them and they are apt to be interested in it. But waiting in a line is becoming their culture at Jakarta.



↑People are waiting in a line.


As we can see this situation in Indonesia, restaurants will be popular by keeping customers posted on information about lines show how popular the restaurant is.

That’s why it is the point how to attract customers who have never been to by SNS.

Now, “KOI” increases the number of stores rapidly. It is said that “KOI” is more popular than “CHATIME” which brought Tapioca to Indonesia at the first and is very popular

ASIACLICK can open and manage SNS instead of you. We have local correspondents in ASEAN and East Asia. Please contact us!


(ASIACLICK・Indonesia local correspondents/Luki)


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