【Indonesia】Should we understand national character?! 3 Points for increasing the number of students studying in your country!!

Selamat sore! I’m a local correspondent in Indonesia, Ruki.
In these days, Fairs of studying abroad, especially Japan, are held frequently. Then, I’d like to introduce 3 points for increasing students from Indoneia.

1. What kind of Indonesian people do study abroad??
“Studying abroad” is invisible investment. People in developed countries are apt to think that studying abroad enriches their lives. On the other hand, there are cases when people spend much money for education don’t select studying abroad in Indonesia. Instead of this, they make their children enter international schools or schools having dormitories in the English-speaking world.
Thus, we can think that upper middle class except these people is target for studying abroad.
However, people that are self-employed workers don’t have ideas of spending much money for studying abroad by themselves. In Indonesia where economic growth is 5%, most of people invest in lands and buildings. In other words, they put much money to get money immediately.
In addition to this, it is very important that students can make their dreams come true and persuades their parents.
2. Getting jobs after graduating
There are many people that are not satisfied with their jobs in spite of studying abroad. So, it is necessary that schools should connect with companies which they can use their experiences. For example, seminars or Facebook pages that they can communicate with Indonesian seniors working for Japanese companies. After their graduating, it is ideal that they can get jobs in Japan or Indonesia.
3. Measures to homesick
It is the most important for Indonesian to spend time with their family and friends. There are some people that give up their dreams because of their parents words “Come back home.” They think being with their family is the happiest in their lives. There are fewer parents want their children to grow up through gaining experiences in foreign countries than Japanese ones. In addition to this, most of children accept their parents’ opinions. An exchange of opinions of that people can know stories of Indonesian succeeding in Japan. SNS of that parents whose children studies abroad can exchange their opinions. I think these events and tools are necessary. It is very important to make contents putting parents at ease.

ASIACLICK advise on increasing the number of students studying in your countries because we have staffs were from ASEAN and studied in foreign countries. Moreover, we know PR points for attracting people want to study abroad. Please contact us!


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