【Vietnam】How does Michelle Phan who is popular in Vietnam attract people with PR of cosmetics?

Xin chao!I’m Sakurai who is a correspondent in Vietnam.

Do you know what percentage of imported cosmetics in 100 brands advancing into Vietnam? The answer is “90%”!! 10 Japanese cosmetics makers try to pioneer sales routes. Then, I’d like to introduce Vietnamese women’s cosmetics consciousness and PR points of the famous influencer!

・How many people in Vietnam are conscious of beauty?

Most of cosmetics stores are in department stores like this photo, so there are a few independent ones in Vietnam. Drug stores are like this, and independent ones sell only medicines. Thus, people are apt to buy cosmetics to do so other things on the way.

One may see that women in Vietnam spend 140,000VND (6.16 USD) per month on cosmetics! The reason why only 44% women apply make up everyday. As Korean idols are popular, many people buy Korean cosmetics. However, I think they don’t know beauty effect.

・Who is ”Michelle Phan” ?

As I said “Beauty Effect”, it is very important factor to Vietnam where many people think a lot about beauty and health trends! Then, I want to introduce “Michelle Phan” who is a popular makeup artist in Vietnam and Vietnamese-American. She also attract many American people.


↑Quoted from Youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan)

The point to become popular is introducing “ how to make up for each skin types.” Women need to change ways of making up for their skins everyday. They have to change the amount of foundation and its primer depending on their skins. Especially in hot countries like Vietnam, it is a problem that make up is running by sweat. This movie introduce not only how to make up but also foundation’s colors suiting to each skins, so it attracts many people.


・Seminars are important for PR!

Many cosmetics makers sells their products at department stores. However good they are, they will not become popular if customer don’t understand their effects. Most of Vietnamese know Vitamin and UV, Calcium and Collagen, but they don’t know Coenzyme and Hyaluronic acid, Placenta, Elastin and something like that. Not knowing cosmetics’ effects, they will not buy them.

Thus, Seminars telling information about effects of cosmetics are important when we promote cosmetics! ASIACLICK helps you with researching markets and product planning, sales promotion and sales. Local correspondents advise you, so you can know latest market trends.

Please contact us!

(ASIACLICK・Correspondent in Vietnam / Sakurai)





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