【Malaysia】”HERMO” attract women!! How does it sell their products with using Malaysia’s features?

Hi. I’m Horita who is in charge of PR case.

Japanese and Korean cosmetics are very popular for Malaysian women now. Malaysia people basically buy products on the Internet, so there are many cosmetic shops which we can buy them on the Internet.

“HERMO(https://www.hermo.my)” is the most popular of all. It develops towards Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This time I’d like to introduce reasons why “HERMO” is popular.

・”HERMO”’s benefits which attracts people’s attentions

It is a unique that we can get points if we posts photos and comments about products we bought through #HERMO.” We can use these points at the next time like Rakuten Shopping.

When we buy something on the Internet, we aren’t able to look over articles. That’s why word of mouth is the most important.  In South East Asia, “word of mouth” is very influential. Systems of “HERMO” about points suites to their cultures whish people like to do anything with other one and talk a lot.


・Time people posts shows features of purchasing.


↑comments posted on “HERMO”

As we can see from this picture, first comment was posted 3 hours ago (lunch time). It shows many women frequently post and do so as soon as they get commodities. In addition, women who work at a business district get commodities at their office (not their house). So, they can check them with their coworkers and talk about them. In other words, information about cosmetics is shared with many people.

In case of South East Asia, “word of mouth” and “purchaser participatory consciousness (people enjoy telling information to others) are important for becoming popular.

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(ASIACLICK・PR case correspondent/Horita)

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