【Indonesia】”SALADSTOP!” preoccupying Indonesian!! How is the method of making people more interested in it by “photo ×message”?!

Selamat sore! I’m a local correspondent of ASIACLICK in Indonesia, Ruki.
A new salad restaurant “SALADSROP!” opened at Jakarta, and it is very popular. Then, I’d like to introduce PR of it on SNS and tell you the reason it became popular this time!

・What is “SALADSTOP!”?

“SALADSTOP!” was founded in 2009 by Adrien Desbaillets who lives in Singapore. It is a salad specialty restaurant, and its concept is “Eat Wide Awake.” Now, it currently operates in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Tokyo。
It focuses on fast food and salad. That’s why it suceeds as a salad bar servicing quickly. To our surprise, it has 50 kinds of toppings and 20 kinds of homemade dressings!!
▶Official Web site of ︎SALADSTOP!:https://www.saladstop.com.sg/en/

・How is PR by photo×message?

As I explained, all of service contents areattractive fully. The way of PR is also as effective as service contents. Then, I’m going to clarify points of PR on SNS.

As you can know from upper photo, “SALADSTOP!” posts message about health on Facebook. There are only message on Facebook, but it posts pictures and messages on Instagram as below. These message make people think about health.


Whenever you feel weak, remember those who made you strong and whenever you start to doubt yourself remember those who believe in you.

We can regard messages like this as advice “ Watching your diet for the sake of health.” In these days, upper middle income group and higher are interested in health. “ SALADSTOP!” knows this tendency, and it induces people to be more interested in health by posting messages with pictures.
These message says “ We should take care of foods we eat to cherish our lives”. It can be said as effective PR with using SNS to tell users idea for diet and information of health in countries where people is interested in health.

ASIACLICK can operate Instagram and Facebook instead of you. After we understand trend and tendency of market, we do so. That’s why we can help you with carrying out effective PR. Please contact us!!


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