【Indonesia】Which points are checked by visitors to Japan? Top3 of good points and problems through my experience!!

Selamat sore! I’m a local correspondent of ASIACLICK, Ruki.
I went to Tokyo for the first time in two years just around the New Year (late January). I’d like to share what I thought at that time, so please make them references for measures to visit Japan.

・TOP3 of Good points
1. Price is more reasonable than one in Indonesia.
Japanese products of UNIQLO and MUJI are not luxury goods but for wealthy people.
The reason is that prices are sold higher than Japan due to import cost and tariffs. As a result, it has brand value. It is nice for Indonesian to be able to buy the same thing cheaper than Indonesia.

2. There are lots of things we see.
Since Indonesia is a country of perpetual summer, there are many shopping malls that can provide cool places. Therefore, when you want to go to another store, you must use the vehicle. On the other hand, I thought we could see many things within walking distance or short travel distance in Tokyo.

3. There are lots of goods. (I thought we could get everything we wanted.)
There are many shops such as Don Quijote and drug stores that sell useful and unique items. If I have enough money and spaces in suitcase, I would like to bring as many souvenirs as possible. However, I felt that it would be better if they prepared confectionary gifts for Halal.
・TOP3 of problems
1. Indonesian is unused to walking.
Indonesian have never moved on foot except for short distances, so they are unused to walking
That’s why it can be said that there is a demand taxi and rental car (with driver) business. After I came back to Indonesia, taxi base fare became 410yen. The service that we can move a short distance for a low price is very attractive.

2. Dry skin.
As I mentioned, Indonesia is a country of perpetual summer. I think that visitors from Indonesia don’t know how to cope with eczema when their skins dry. Actually, I had skin trouble on the second day of my stay. Therefore, it is very helpful to explain method for skin troubles in English at drug stores etc.

3. Clothes for summer are not sold much.
I think that young tourists visiting Japan want to buy clothes and other fashion goods in Japan. When coming from ASEAN in the summer of the year, I found that they can’t buy any fashion goods for summer.
It is better that shops sell summer clothes in central city such as Shibuya and Harajuku.
They are going to Japan in order to experience winter, but they will be sad that it is impossible to buy souvenir sold in summer.

That is good points and problems of Tokyo trip for Indonesian. There are many ways approaching to visitors to Japan.
ASIACLICK knows opinions from people in ASEAN because we have many local correspondents. We can substitute for PR. Please contact us!!
(ASIACLICK・Local correspondent in Indonesia/Ruki)


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