【Malaysia】White coffee shop “OLD TOWN” having a long history! Is there the key of strategy to keeping its popularity in SNS ?!

Hello, I am Aya who is in charge of PR case. The white coffee shop “OLD TOWN” from Malaysia has kept its popularity for about 60 years. It changed ways of PR depending on times, now it uses SNS for PR mainly.

This time, I’d like to introduce 2 points of PR strategy.

・What is white coffee?

It is the Malaysian original coffee that roasted beans in a short time with margarine, palm oil and sugar together. Since palm oil and sugar are regulated not to remove flavor of coffee beans. That’s why beans’ color becomes white and coffee becomes bright brown.


↑White coffee we can drink in OLD TOWN


・What is “OLD TOWN”?

In 1958, a shop named Nam Heong was founded in Ipoh in the city of Pera State located at the western coast of Malaysia, and the name changed into “OLD TOWN” in 1999. Since then, it has sold instant white coffee as the trademark. Nam Heong means “tea room in the south”, and the Malaysian white coffee was born in this shop. In 2005, it opened a cafe chain “Oldtown White Coffee” that you can eat dishes, and it has stores in various areas of Malaysia. In addition to Malaysia, Old Town’s white coffee also sells instant coffee in Singapore and Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand..


↑ Old Town menu

・2 points of OLD TOWN which attract people!

How does OLD TOWN keep their popularity? As I mentioned at the beginning, there are 2 points.

①Communication with users regularly.


↑Official Facebook of Old Town

Old town having a long history is also white coffee maker, and official Facebook has over 200,000 followers.

Moreover, Old Town’s official Facebook sometimes posts articles that the shop and users can communicate with each other. We can recognize two facts from this. First, the shop can know how much followers are interested in the shop from comments and the amount of Like. And the second is that the shop can directly receive opinions from followers. The latter becomes very important recognition because the shop may notice points it didn’t do.

Even if there are over 200,000 followers, it is no use PR on SNS unless you can get opinions from followers. So, we recommend that you keep updating posts like this.


↑Posted on Official Facebook

When you start business in ASEAN countries or make Japanese companies advance to  local, you should PR using SNS! However, many Japanese companies entering ASEAN don’t grasp the situation and characteristics of ASEAN’s SNS. As a result, there is a tendency to PR without communicating with customers. The first thing you need to do in PR in ASEAN countries is communication with customers and followers. In ASEAN countries including Malaysia, people are apt to check word-of-mouth information and corporate colors when purchasing products.

What kind of company is this company and what kind of person is working?  People get Information such as these mainly from SNS, and it sometimes has an effect on whether customers buy products or not. If you reply comments from followers kindly, it will be good word-of-mouth information and attract many people! Such a steady SNS strategy becomes a point in ASEAN.


Making hash tags and posting on Instagram.

In ASEAN, young people are getting more interest in Instagram than Facebook. Many people have Facebook accounts, but they don’t use it much except interacting with their friends with a messenger. And some people use Instagram because it can process pictures cleanly. It is one of reasons that there are many users who are famous. Unlike Facebook, it is a good point that we don’t have to register with real name. That’s why it is becoming a major measure that companies conduct PR on two SNS, Facebook and Instagram.

The reason why people often have two accounts is that they can’t get information fully only on Instagram and grasp on the enterprise is insufficient only with the Instagram and know the topicality only on Facebook. By adding a hash tag on the Instagram and upgrading pictures processed fashionably, you can make them have an atmosphere. Also, if you are a long-established manufacturer like Old Town, you will be able to visually convey the appeal of White Coffee by processing photos and posting with a heavy atmosphere. By attaching a hashtag to it and linking with Facebook, you can efficiently promote both visual information on the Instagram and corporate information on Facebook!

↑Posted on Official Facebook

There are many ways of PR using SNS and various points we should focus on in ASEAN. ASIACLICK has local correspondents in each ASEAN country, so we can tell you suitable ways of PR from local. Please contact us!





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