【Vietnam】A major Japanese department “TAKASHIMAYA” advanced to Vietnam! It shows Vietnamese market!!

Xin chao!I’m Momoko in charge of Vietnamese market.
On July 30th in 2016, one of the most famous Japanese departments, “TAKASHIMAYA,” opened. This is the first time that a major Japanese department advanced to Vietnam! The crowd is always impressive there since it opened, so how is it attracting Vietnamese people?
When we walk around there, we can know that “TAKASHIMAYA” places all of stores with considering two points, (1) Children and (2) Sharing spaces. It’s no exaggeration to say that “TKASHIMAYA” is a mirror of Vietnamese market.
This time, I’d like to introduce stores in this department and clarify these 2 points!

・What is different from TAKASHIMAYA in Japan?

Web site of TAKASHIMAYA in Ho Chi Minh shows there are 5 floors and it is a glass building. →Reference:http://www.takashimaya-vn.com/en

These things are same as ones in Japan. Then, how are stores placed in Vietnam? Toys for children are sold on 2 floors, and there are many people around wagons been full with toy. Please look at this photo.


The Game center like this is not placed in TAKASHIMAYA in Japan at all. TAKASHIMAYA is known as a luxury depart in Japan, but it is luxury and enjoyable in Vietnam.

・Satisfying two stores’ strategies!

TAKASHIMAYA in Ho Chi Minh has facial and hair salon at L2 (2nd Floor) to make adults relax. However, the percentage of young population (0~14 years old) is 24.3%. Is there a demand for these salons??
Then, I want you to pay attention to “Little Einsteins(http://little-einsteins.com/).”


This is an English clam school in TAKASHIMAYA in Vietnam. Children who are 0~6 years old can go there, and those who are more than 2 years old attend class without their parents. As a result, their parents are able to enjoy salons during class! It can be said that two stores’ strategies was satisfied and education attracts attention.

・2 points lead TAKASHIMAYA to succeed!

As I mentioned at the beginning, 2points are (1)Children and Sharing spaces.
About the former, I explained the percentage of young population is high, so TAKASHIMAYA focuses on selling products and use spaces for children. It is a very important point because the percentage of young population will be higher and higher in Vietnam.
About the latter, as I mentioned at introduction of salon and clam school, TAKASHIMAYA provides spaces where each way of spending is possible while spending with family.
→Check the previous article:http://asiasns.jp/vietmarketandpopularshops-4517

ASIACLICK can get latest information of markets because correspondents living in ASEAN research markets. There are a lot of points to be unnoticed without living there such as the trend of the market and what we should pay attention to. Please contact us!!


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