【Indonesia】 Which is the most influential of Japanese channels in Indonesia? Doesn’t it have a great effect on Inbound?

Selamat sore! I’m a local correspondent of ASIACLICK, Ruki.

Do you know which Japanese TV channel is the most influential in Indonesia? As most of you know, NHK is the most popular in Japanese living in Indonesia.

However, Indonesian loves “WAKUWAKU JAPAN” better than others like NHK and news!! AKB48 also appears on the channel and they can watch Japanese dramas.

Then, I’m going to introduce popular contents of “WAKUWAKU JAPAN” this time.





This channel is on the air in mainly Southeast Asia. TV shows in Indonesia have never been on the air without subtitles, so those who can’t speak English and Japanese can watch all of channels.

In addition, it has various TV shows. Especially, it is a feature that information of university in Japan and traveling (with introduction of countryside) is standing out, which is a part of the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


・How effective is it via commercials?


On this channel, commercials flow occasionally during the show. Also, comments (for example, “Thanks to WAKUWAKU JAPAN, Indonesian visitors to Japan are growing”) flow. It can be appealing that WAKUWAKU JAPAN has great influence on Inbound and foreign students studying in Japan by doing so. Actually, this channel is famous in Jakarta, and it is a sponsor for Japanese festival in Indonesia.

Of course, it has WAKUWAKU MAGAZINE (http://idn.wakuwakumag.com/) which explains details of TV program on the Web, official Facebook and YouTube channel. That’s why young people that don’t watch TV can get information of WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel.


In targeting young people in Indonesia, it can be said that influence is high when introducing your commercials and programs in WAKUWAKU JAPAN, especially for studying abroad and visiting Japan.

Local correspondents located in ASEAN tell you latest market information in various languages. We can open SNS pages, substitute for operating them and research markets. Please contact us!!

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(ASIACLICK・Local correspondent in Indonesia/Ruki)


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