【Malaysia】The national soft drink “100plus”! How to Use SNS effectively and 2 point for PR?!

Hello, I’m Aya form PR case correspondent. Do you know “100 PLUS” which is the Malaysian national soft drink? To our surprise, it has been popular for more than 20 years and its strategy of PR has 2 points!!
This time I’m going to introduce PR case of “100 PLUS”.

・What is “100 PLUS”?

It is a refreshing drink released in Malaysia in 1983. It is look like POCARI SWEAT from Japanese refreshing drink. “100 PLUS” is the first isotonic drink in Malaysia, which has the effect of adjusting the optimal water balance in the body with non-caffeine. “100 PLUS” has been loved by Malaysian citizens for many years. This drink can be seen frequently in vending machines, convenience stores and so on. Therefore, most of people are easy to buy it without finding stores selling it.

Official Facebook has got more than 510 thousand good. This shows “100 PLUS” is popular and famous among many people. In addition, we can know that reasons it holds popularity for a long period through SNS!

・What are points holding popularity and PR strategy on SNS?

① There are many video clips for PR.
A major feature is that many short videos are posted on Facebook of 100 PLUS. By linking with a movie site such as YouTube, you can PR more efficiently than using SNS or HP for introduction of products with using sentences. Especially, when you use celebrities such as famous persons and bloggers for PR, the number of viewing times will increase. As a result, the topicality will be higher and higher! Also, as PR trends on SNS nowadays, PR using videos is used quite a lot. Which do many people like better reading sentences of introducing products over 30 seconds or watching video clips? As you know, the latter can PR efficiently. In case of sentences, some people may not read them in 30 seconds, but video clips exactly can tell all of viewers same information for short time.


↑ 100PLUS official Facebook

② Launching sales promotion campaign by SNS


↑ 100PLUS official Facebook

SNS is not a tool that companies use to post their information. Depending on countries, companies, and products, we have many ways of attracting users with SNS. 100 PLUS is a company that understands this point very well. For example, it advertises marathon events with using URL of YouTube. Posting about campaign can be related to videos like this, you can also recommend posting with hash tags on Instagram and Twitter. Posting with hashtags and videos increases the probability of being watching by many people more than twice as much as posting on Facebook without videos.
PR has characteristics in each ASEAN country. Grasping local information firmly leads to a step towards local expansion. If you have any troubles with ASEAN, please let ASIACLICK know and contact us!


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