【Indonesia】Experience of vacation rental in Japan!! What are merits and demerits?!

Selamat sore!I’m Ruki, special correspondent of Indonesia.

When I came to Japan on January in 2017, I experienced “vacation rental “ (renting private homes and rooms) in Tokyo for the first time. Actually now, “vacation rental” is more popular than hotel in Indonesia!!

The article introducing the reason why vacation rental is popular → http://asiasns.jp/indojptravelandaccommodations-4283

This time I’m going to tell you what is merit and demerit of vacation rental in Japan through my experience.

・3 Good points of rental vacation

  • We can have many experiences like living in Japan.

We can simulate life style in Japan.

Moreover, we can know how houses in Japan are because of using one.


  • We can get material helps us when we spend time going shopping and something like that.  

I thought it is very useful for those who don’t know anything about Japanese life style and places.

Many documents are written in English.


  • We are free to wash our clothes and cook.

If you stay for a long time, you will need to wash your clothes.

It is good to be able to cook country’s dishes easily when you want to eat them.


・3 demerits of rental vacation

  • The way to throw away garbage is complicated in Japan. 

In Japan, we should separate garbage, and pick-up dates are different. When last day of stay is not pick- up day, we wonder whether we can leave our garbage in the room or not. In my case, the owner said I could leave them when he came to pick up room key. However, I think she may feel uneasy at the though of that her garbage may be seen when the user is a woman.

On the other hand, there are professional of cleaning at hotels. So we don’t feel uneasy.


  • We should match the owner’s time when we receive and return room key.

(Actually, I waited for him at that time.)

I had been told to contact the owner on the day, so I went to Japan without knowing what time I could check in. I was able to interact with the owner because I rented Wi-Fi. But I think it is difficult for those who don’t rent Wi-Fi.

Also, at checkout time, the owner was late. If there is not enough time before departure time of airplane, users will be in trouble.


  • There is no fixed telephone.

When you have a promise to meet your friend in Japan, you may need a phone suddenly. However, in case of vacation rental, there is no fixed phone. So, you should use your phone that you always use in your country or charge Skype to call.  I thought it is not convenient.

When we use vacation rental, we can experience life in Japan and spend freely. But it is necessary to improve management system and safety.

ASIACLICK supports marketing research that provides information you need and PR. Moreover, we can deal with languages of ASEAN countries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

(ASIACLICK・special correspondent of Indonesia・Ruki)


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