【Singapore】Producing luxury with thorough branding! ? What is the PR strategy of TWG Tea?

Hello, I’m Aya from in charge of PR case.

Do you know the tea brand “TWG Tea” from Singapore? It sells teas and tea sets and runs their salon. It grew rapidly and has shops around the world because of producing luxury.

Then, I’m going to introduce PR of TWG Tea this time!

・What is “TWG Tea”?

TWG Tea is Singaporean luxury tea company and established in 2003 by The Wellbeing Group, the parent company of TWG Tea. The company’s name TWG is taken from the initial words of this parent company. TWG tea opened the first shop in Republic Plaza at St. Raffles Place located at Southern Singapore Station in 2008. 1837 written in the company’s logo comes from the year when trade of spices and tea leaves was active in Singapore.

In 2017, it has tea salons and boutiques in Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Tokyo, Manila, Shanghai and Jakarta based in Asia. Why don’t you visit the salon of TWG Tea if you have the opportunity to visit a city in this place?


・The PR strategy considering luxury of TWG Tea

TWG Tea entered the market in 2008, so it is new tea brand. However, what is the point of PR strategy to lead it to succeed salons and sales of tea in the world?

The number of followers of TWG Tea’s official Facebook continues to grow year by year, and now TWG Tea has over 38.000 followers.


↑ TWG Tea official Facebook page


As I mentioned at the beginning, the PR point on TWG Tea’s SNS is performing luxury.

You can also see the high-quality impression from every photo or sentence posted on Facebook. The pictures are stylish, elegant and have a relaxing atmosphere, and they have elegance and beauty to decorate one page of a magazine. PR on Facebook can also be used as a place of communication between companies and customers, but this style will make points of view which companies want to be seen themselves by customers important. On the other hand, PR of TWG Tea can be said to be a PR strategy with emphasis on how products are seen to customers.

In the case of TWG Tea, it puts emphasis on the performance of luxury, that’s why it will lead to strengthen image strategy to post a large number of fashionable photographs with products on SNS many people see. When such elegant photographs jump into user’s eyes immediately with opening the official Facebook, they will recognize this shop is a luxury tea shop at first sight!


↑ Posting on TWG Tea’s official Facebook (over 100 good on timeline)


↑ TWG Tea’s official Facebook photo list of timelines

ASIACLICK can research for market and promotion your company or products in all of ASEAN. It is important to know what demand is gaining and PR pattern has not done yet. If you have some questions and want to consult someone, please ask us freely!


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