【America】AMAZON’s Facebook is very popular!What are points of increasing the number of PV??

Hello, everyone! I’m Horita who is in charge of PR cases.
AMAZON in America which most of you have ever used has 27 millions follower on Official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Amazon/). When we count all of followers who belong to Facebook in other countries, its total number is more than 27 millions. WWP presented “Brand Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Ranking” at last year, and then, AMAZON ranked in 7th and enhanced its value the best of all.
This time, I’d like to introduce PR cases of AMAZON on SNS and explain reasons of popularity!

・What are points of PR for AMAZON?
Report from AMAZON shows that post shared the best is “video”(more than 66%). The second post is photo (23%).

“PR video of explaining product” stands out the best. It is different form conventional commercial, and it has sophisticated design and consider scenes which customers use products. Or AMAZON promote itself by a view line of a consumer.


This alarm clock has gotten 28.2 millions PV for one week. This form differs in shape to the commonly known alarm clock, and we can’t stop its sound without getting up.


We can change cellphones into video devices easily with this product. This video has gotten 100 thousands PV for a few weeks.
Such as this, using video is the best way of increasing viewer’s eagerness to buy. When we buy something through AMAZON, we can’t touch and check products directly. So many consumers will feel at ease without worrying about whether the products are good or not by watching videos.
ASIACLICK advises how to PR around the world, especially ASEAN. We can help you with creating and operating Facebook, Instagram and so on.
Please contact us!!
(ASIACLICK・correspondent of PR cases/Horita)


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