【Vietnam】What is “Boft” which is gaining popularity gradually in Vietnam?! They’re focusing on 2 points about Instagram users!!

Xin chao!I’m Momoko in charge of Vietnamese market.

As you know, Facebook is the most popular of all SNS in Vietnam. However, in recent years, the usage rate of “Instagram” has been increasing!!

So, this time I’m going to introduce two keywords that the strategy of Boft shows, (1) Young people and (2) Hash tag.

・What is “Boft”??

Boft is a photo printing machine, and the first one was launched in April 2014. You can print photos of Instagram, smartphone and Nokia via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When you want to print photos of Instagram, you can search for your account and choose photos without your cellphone. You can also select whether it is Polaroid style or full page printing. In the case of Polaroid style, it is possible to put the date and comments below the photo. We can use it in Vietnam and 12 countries (America and Russia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Chile, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, France and Hong Kong).

The catchphrase used in advertising of Boft is“World’s first Instagram ATM”, and it sells machines and printing papers to stores which want to use it. Boft grasps sales amounts online. Repair and replacement are free for 1 year. It can be said as a low risk method of selling.

・Keywords are “Young people” and “Hash tag”!!

Boft is used at Ho chi minh, Hanoi and Danang in Vietnam. Considering from Boft’s sales method, it can be inferred that it was bought because stores in Vietnam thought that there was a demand. As I mentioned at the beginning, the keywords of the reason are (1) Young people and (2) Hash tag! Let’s take a closer look at the two keywords here.


(1) Strategy focusing on “ Young people”

In Vietnam Instagram is well-known for more than 30% of men and women aged 16 to 24 years old. 21% of men and women aged 13 to 35 years old actually are using it. The reason for using is that the interface is good (32%) and privacy is more protected (44%). For Vietnamese who love to take pictures, just being able to print pictures is attractive enough. But for young people who are gradually increasing in Instagram users, they will find a positive value that they can print from Instagram too. It is also important that the price is reasonable. When I saw people using Boft, they were in teens or 20s. The price causes them to want to use it. We can use Boft with about 1.3USD for 2 sheets and about 2.2USD for 4 sheets, about 2.6USD for 6 sheets, and about 8.8USD for 20 sheets at the maximum.


↑Vietnamese girls are using Boft


(2) PR by users with “Hash tag”

Boft has Instagram accounts for each country, and even a little PR in Vietnamese is done. However, the number of posts is 147. So, how do they PR for Vietnamese people?

They use “Hash tag”! Boft sometimes wages campaign, for example 2 sheets are free, then users post  “# boftvn” with their photos. Vietnamese people think word of mouth is important when they buy something and decide destinations of tour. That’s why this way of PR by users is the most effective.


↑Post of user

Instagram is also gaining attention as one of the effective tools to PR using word of mouth like this. The method of PR that users advertise productions is more reliable for other users in Vietnam, this strategy shows Boft consider the national character of Vietnam.

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