【Philippines】What is PR whose theme is Travel×the Philippine national beer “San Miguel” ?

Magandan arau! (It means “Hello” in Filipino)

I’m Ken who is a local correspondent in Philippines. The Philippine national beer “San Miguel” promotes themselves with PR whose theme is Travel×Beer on SNS. Points of PR are (1) Theme of product and (2) Active use of hush tags.

Then, I’d like to introduce details of 2 points and posts for PR on Facebook!

・What is “San Miguel”?

San Miguel is the national beer accounts for a share of 90% in the Philippine beer market. Official Facebook has more than 70,000 followers.

There is 2 features of PR in San Miguel’s SNS. That is consistently doing posts with the theme of traveling! It means you can effective image strategy with PR about how to enjoy a travel × beer.

・2 points of the strategy for PR

As I mentioned at the beginning, points of the San Miguel strategy for PR are

① Theme of product

② Active use of hush tags

Then, we will clarify these meanings with checking posts on San Miguel’s Facebook.

  • Theme of product

San Miguel promotes their products with the theme of traveling consistently. On Official Facebook, they posts with sentences and photos whose the theme is travel x beer.


When people that saw posts like this travel somewhere, it may happens that they want to relax with drinking San Miguel. So, we can success the strategy of image easily if we do so.

In this case, it was a combination of trip × beer, but we can combine products and themes as content tourism. Promoting product which has story and theme is make images companies want users to have in advance.

  • Active use of hash tags

The advantage of attaching a hash tag is that you can make a link to a post. In addition to Facebook, those who have official accounts of Twitter or Instagram can make all of posts have consistency and connection easily by posting the same hash tag for every post.

Of course, this is not the only way to use hash tags!


We can search for each tag. To use this function, you can circulate posts with the same hashtag to a group. If you use Hashtagify (http://hashtagify.me/), you will search for hashtags and use it. When checking posts, you can search by hashtag as soon as possible. You would rather open and check each SNS and circulate together than do the same as before.


There are many ways to approach users with PR via SNS. Points are different depending on national character, demands and something like that.

If you want to promote your products or improve the number of accesses, please contact ASIACLIAK!



San Miguel Corporation



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