Market of Vietnam is changing now !! What are 2 points about demand which one famous shop shows ?!

Xin chao!I’m Momoko in charge of Vietnamese market.

Do you know a city “Dalat” locating in south central Vietnam? In these days, one shop from Dalat is gaining popularity. Its reason is that the shop have known 2 points about demand of Vietnamese changing market ,”Playing space” and “Organic foods” !!

Then, I’m going to tell you the shop’s feature and details of 2 points.

・What is Dalat ?

Dalat is a city was developed for summer resort when Vietnam was French colonies, and its elevation is 1,475 m. As you know, many Vietnamese couples go there for their honeymoon. When I went there with my Vietnamese friends 4 years ago, I felt cold at morning and night. Dalat is more silent than Ho chi minh city and full of nature.

The point we should check is fruits(raspberries , blueberries and strawberries) grow at Dalat are the best in Vietnam. Now, agricultural production of “Hinomaru brand” using Japanese technology is progressing, and strawberries and lettuces are cultivated. Moreover cultivation of coffee beans are focused on by many people.

・Popular shop “L’ANG FARM” from Dalat.

L’ANG FARM is souvenir shop sells “Organic foods” at central Dalat! Dalat wines are sold at every where in Vietnam because they are very popular. Their price is redonable and expensive. The most reasonable wine is about 3 USD. There are jams ,gummies and juices, of course, they are Organic foods too.

I want to focus on restaurant of buffet managed by L’ANG FARM at this time! I went to the restaurant located at District 5 in Ho chi minh city with my Vietnamese friends on Christmas.


At that day, price was 120,000VND (about 5USD) because we could eat Christmas cakes. But usual price is 88,000VND (about 4USD). There are many kinds of dishes and ice creams, teas and dressings. Plates we put dishes are similar to box of Obento made in Japan. To our surprise, time is not limited!! That’s why Vietnamese like to talk with their friends stay for a long time. We can charge our cellphones, so it is good place to do so. As these reasons, this restaurant is very popular and we cannot get seats without going there early.

・What is Vietnamese market showed by L’ANG FARM?

As I wrote, the reason L’ANG FARM is popular is reasonable and unlimited time. Not only that, but also its management strategy muchesthe change in demand of Vietnamese people.

As I mentioned at the beginning, points of the changing is…

①Playing space ② Organic foods

In Vietnam where the young population (0 – 14 years old) is 24.3%, products targeting children are conspicuous. But people decide restaurants and something like that are parents. It’s very important supply services reflecting parent’s requests that they want their children to eat safe foods and enjoy.

At present, more than 30 supermarkets (EON MALL, Lotte Mart and COOP Mart etc) introduce “Traceability (Distribution path traceability possibility) system” in Vietnam. This system is customer downloads application Zalo and read QR code. Thus they can know shipping time and rout.

As these things is showing, interest in “safety” is increasing in Vietnam!!

Always check the latest market information because the population of middle-income brackets is increasing and people’s demand is changing. Asia Click will be supported with 20 local correspondents who stay in 12 Asian countries. Please feel free to inquire about Asia.

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