Digital Business in Indonesia with Social Media (part.2/2)

Chapter: Instagram

Hello! I am Ronald from Indonesia. Last article we talked about what is the condition of online in Indonesia and how to penetrate the business using Facebook. Within this part we are going to focus on Instagram.Since Facebook have multi-segment users here in Indonesia, therefore the targeting for business could be broad, focusing on funnel and conversion, also wide-range of actions. But move to Instagram it will be different story.

Instagram is the late social media came to Indonesia after Facebook which now already become one group globally. This situation allowed Instagram to have the same dashboard with Facebook and possibly same targeting features. However, the users here in Indonesia not much broad as Facebook, only from middle, middle up, and upper class people who are actively using Instagram in Indonesia.

Since Instagram offers beautiful content of photos and videos, this is why really engaged those segments who prefer to have and see more prominent content. That’s why penetrate more on upper class people. Also there are a lot of buzzers or we say “Celebgram” who become popular and have a lot of followers in Instagram.


So, for business purpose is suitable with brands or products who targeted to middle to high class people and has objective to not focus on conversion but more on awareness and image building. Because Instagram indicates that not much conversion number that could be optimized but great in awareness and image result building. They have banner ads and video ads that could targeted to landing page, business page that offers cool contents to the followers, and the usage of Celegram posting that custom targeted to each of their follower’s profile. These are suitable to gain more reach and of course brand image with cool image content and videos or GIFs.


Facebook and Instagram also have studied that Indonesian people are well-engage with Video content, therefore it will good to have it in their pages and ads. Since their objective is to replace TV engagement to Online social media. So video is important!


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